This is a page that does NOT have a direct link for the general public. It is used by me to keep track of teachers using my webpage links, e-mails FROM teachers and things I have sent to others who have asked for help.

Teachers with links to site Teachers who have downloaded
stuff without giving credit


David Knuffke-Properties of water station activity

Cherylann Hollinger

Cheryl Massengale AP BIO

Mrs. Bickerstaff's AP Biology

Mr. Buckley

Lisa Holler

C. Rudolph - Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools - AP BIO

Channel Islands High School

Miss Abrams AP BIO- Hillsdale High School

Mrs. Gaynor AP BIO

Arlington HS/krogers


Jennifer Hester

Mrs. McCoy's AP Biology

Ann Barker

Mrs. Mezzetti

Mitra Biology

Dr. P's
 Biology teacher Resources

Mr. I

Jodi Klemme



Scott Stevens Speedway High School

Kay Bass Harrisburg High School Harrisburg SD

Bartram Trail High School- Mrs. J Davis

 Greg Cossettw Post Falls Idaho

Heartland High School

Jenny Haggard

 Cheryl Massengale-Biology Junction

Gifford Zoology- Kell High School Marietta GA

Hiram High School Zoology

Marine Bio Resources

Mrs. Georgine Sullivan's Biology- Fresno, CA

Science with Skinner

Mrs. Mazetti's AP Bio site (mitosis crossword)

Dr. P's
Biology teacher Resources

Dr. Vite's  (Photosynthesis/Respiration)
Honors Biology


Mrs. Kenny- Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School


Mr. Zama
Teacher web

Kerry Kelly- Secondary Science
Howard County Public Schools
Ellicott City, MD

Brooke Gaynor

South East Arkansas Education Service Cooperative

Sifter's Guide to Everything Biology

Review those body parts
File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - View as HTML
Fish Body Part Review. By Kelly Riedell. Brookings High School. Brookings SD. This fin is the ______ fin. Anal ...

Clam Dissection | - National Science Digital Library
Use of our material: The activities on this page were created by Kelly Riedell for students in Zoology class atBrookings High School. Wehave worked very hard ...



Dear Mr. Simon,




File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - Quick View
STARFISH DISSECTION. Kidspiration by Riedell. STARFISH. LATIN meaning. KINGDOM ...

File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - Quick View
STARFISH DISSECTION. Kidspiration by Riedell. SYMMETRY. ADULTS- Radial. LARVA- ...

Lewis Bradford- Northwest Rankin High School -Flowood, MS
Has all my dissection powerpoints



Mrs. Guymon
ALKI Middle School Vancouver, WA
frog dissection powerpoint


Mr. Giacobbe's Biology- South Pointe High School

Dr. P's Biology (Annette Parrot)

Pearland ISD


Mrs. J. Davis
Bartram Trails High School
St. Johns FL



Ms. Pawelko
District 158
Huntley High School

Olean High School
Worm dissection

Blue Springs Schools

Carbon cycle


Mrs Tracy Webb

Rick Knowles

Sally Howe
North Clackamas High School
Milwaukee OR




Isabelle Joyce Agapito []


Ms. Riedell,
I am trying to prepare for my biology final exam and AP test. I saw your phlogeny project online and I really liked the layout of the project. I attempted to fill out the project on my own time to help me prepare, but I am having trouble finding some information. I was wondering if you could send me some sites for further research or an example of a completed project. Any help you can provide for me will be greatly appreciated.
Isabelle Agapito

Alastair Aitken
I found you sea star dissection powerpoint online and was impressed with the details. I am teaching a marine biology class this summer and I wonder if you would let me use your presentation?
Thank you,
Alastair Aitken


Jeanette Alexander
I just wanted to tell you that I came across your notes for the Campbell/Reece AP bio textbook, and I think they are absolutely wonderful! I am a first year AP bio teacher (even though I have been teaching 22 years!) and your notes are some of the most concise, easy to understand that I have come across. I hope you do not mind if I use them with my AP class. I am not posting them to any website or blog, just printing them out to give to my students if it is ok with you.
Thank you,
Jeanette Alexander, Robinson High School
Science Dept. Chair
Pre-AP/AP Biology

Emily Allsop [

My name is Emily Allsop and I teach Biology at Knob Noster High School in Missouri. This is my first year of teaching, and I was told by my fellow teachers that your HS biology website had excellent resources for the students (and teachers). I tried to log onto your site but got an error message. I was wondering if the website is no longer available to those outside of your school or if there is a way outsiders can log in?

Thanks very much for you time and assistance.

Emily Allsop
Knob Noster High School

Kimberley Alston


Hi Kelly,

I am a HS science instructor in Atlanta, GA, and on Friday, 10/11, I was given a schedule change and now have to teach Biology as of yesterday. I have never taught Biology before and haven't been in a Gen. Bio. Class since 1994.

Another science teacher suggested I use your website, but when I clicked on the Biology link, it required a login and password. Do you allow teachers to access your materials on your site? If so, how might I gain access to it?

I did click on your link, "Help for Teachers," but I was wondering if there were any additional materials (PPTs, Notes, Worksheets, Activities, etc.) that I might access. Any assistance that you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance for your help! Have a great one!

Kimberley Alston
Science Instructor
Carver Early College HS
Atlanta, GA


You don't have to worry about me posting a thing; I'm a little technically challenged when it comes to stuff like that. :-)

Have a great one!


Holly Amerman
Rome High School
Rome, GA 30161
Hello- I am a new AP Biology teacher and found your VERY helpful webpage- thank you, thank you, thank you! I went to a summer institute but it was sadly not very helpful :-(. Anyway, we start back to school next Wednesday and I have been working really hard to get my first few units together and am finally at the test planning stage. On your website you noted that there are MC questions out there and to e-mail you for them, so if there is any way that you could send me any practice test questions that you have, that would be awesome (I have all of the FRQ). Also, if you have any suggestions for sources for the new math grid-in response questions and the short free response, that would be great too! I am a very open to anything kind of teacher (I am trying out flipping the classroom this year too after a few units of doing it last year) so any suggestions/advice, etc. would be great. Again, thank you for the website- it has been so helpful as the last AP Bio teacher at my school moved out of state and most of what she did leave behind is very outdated (pre 2001 lab stuff).

Thank you so much! I will look at all of those resources, hopefully someday I will have something to contribute in return! Good luck with flipping, I went to the national conference in Chicago this summer and have decided to mostly just use the Bozeman and Khan vidoeos for now, but try to start making my own at one per unit. I am so excited about using this method in AP Bio and really helps me to get through this "reduced" (ha,ha) curriculum!

Krissa Arend
Middleburg High School

Greetings from frigid Florida!

 I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled into your fantastic website over Christmas break – I think you have done a super job with this!
Now that I am back in the classroom, I seem to be having difficulty with some of the links – example: “CH 12 vocab” – which will not open.  This is the message I see instead:
Your connection has been interrupted for one of the following reasons: This did not happen when I first visited your website. 
I look forward to your reply,
Krissa Arend

Anita Barnhart
Atlee High School
Mechanicsville, VA
 After 25 years, I find myself back in the classroom teaching 9th grade standard Biology.  I LOVE YOUR WEB SITE!!!!  It has been a great source of information and great ideas!
 Most sincerely,
Anita Barnhart
Atlee High School
Mechanicsville, VA

Alison Batka

Good afternoon,
I was wondering if you give access to other teachers to the honors biology part of your website?  I was hired this school year (after school had already started) at Monrovia High School in central Indiana and am teaching honors bio, AP bio, and Anatomy & Physiology.  I came across your website while looking for resources and found it really helpful!  If access is a possibility just let me know!
Thank you,
Alison Batka

I will definitely stick to those guidelines!  Thanks again!
Alison Batka

Good morning,
I had emailed you back in December about gaining access to your honors biology and AP Biology websites. You had emailed me back, but never included any information on how to access the websites with a username and password. I am starting to think about plans for next year and think some of your activities are SO useful! As always, I give credit to you on anything that I use from your website.
Thanks again!
Alison Batka
Monrovia High School








I just wanted to email you and thank you for all of your help. When I graduated from college in 2011 I landed a teaching job with four preps including AP Biology (for which i was the only teacher of that course). I would have never made it without your website in which i found great advice, and access to so many valuable materials. Thanks to your assignment calendar I was able to pace my class/keep them on track and in May most of my students scored a 3 or higher.
Last year I took a job at a different high school that did not have AP Bio. This year, I was asked to teach AP and I am happy to have 2 sections. I am working hard to understand all the curriculum changes but without another AP teacher in my building it really makes it hard to feel on top of things and collaborate. I am just so thankful for all the information you share and have been trying to pace my class like yours -of course always giving credit to you and other authors where its due.
Thank you so much for helping me survive these first couple years of my career you're work really inspires me as a teacher and has helped me bring more enriching learning opportunities to my students. Thank you for being such a wonderful educator and mentor.
Good luck with the upcoming school year!
Ruthie Baker




Marilyn Bass [

I discovered your website about 3 weeks ago while looking for a mitosis game.  Thank you so much for the amazing website and your willingness to share with other biology teachers (like me).

Will Bean
Newark High School

Good Morning,
I came across your website and was wondering if you would share your AP multiple choice questions.  This is my first year and I am currently trying to compile as many AP tests as possible.  If you wouldn't mind sharing I would be greatly appreciated.


Cathy DeBerry

I've just learned that I will be teaching AP Biology for the first time next year. I stumbled across your website. Your newbie advice is awesome! I've learned so much from your info. The more I look into this new prep, the more overwhelmed I become. I saw where you said to email you for copies of the old AP test. Would you be willing to share those with me? I'd appreciate it. Any other guidance on the new journey I've agree to set sail on would be welcomed. Thanks for considering and have lovely weekend!

Cathy DeBerry
Grafton High School
Yorktown, VA



Corinne Biamby -
Salem High


Hi there Kelly,

My name is Corinne Biamby and I am a new Zoology teacher at Salem High in Georgia. Are there any Zoology labs you can recommend?


Kimberly J. Bickerstaff [
Baltimore County, MD

Your site is absolutely the best around and I treasure it as a first year AP Biology teacher. I hope you don't mind, but I send my students there frequently. I was wondering if you would mind me linking my site to your interactive crossword puzzles. They are super and of course I will give you credit galore for creating them. Thank you so much for your incredible resource!!!


I was looking at your site and wondered what if you would tell me about Parade of Kingdoms musical chairs. Sounds fun!
Kim Bickerstaff

Thanks so much! Looks like fun! Can't wait to use this as our review for parade of kingdoms.
Have a great weekend.






Shane Bleyenberg

I am a high school biology teacher in upstate New York who actually graduated from SDSU a number of years ago .I stumbled across your website about a year ago and have found the materials to be incredibly helpful. Today, as I was trying to access the website I found that there is a login required. Is there any chance I can still access your materials? I thank you for all of your work and would really appreciate the use of them in my classroom.

Shane Bleyenburg

Joelle Bourgeois
Walker High School
Walker, LA

Hi Kelly,
I'm just starting out and very overwhelmed at the moment with my new AP Biology Class. I'm looking to add to my growing collection of stuff. I would love it if you would email me a copy of the old MC questions.
Many Thanks,
Joelle Bourgeois
P.S. I teach at Walker High School in Walker, La.




Lewis B. Bradford
Northwest Rankin High School

Tabetha Bramucci [

Kelly---I have been using some of the information on your website but have not been able to get on it lately. The materials were great and very helpful! Do you have any idea what the problem is? The site is great and I would love to use it again Thank you Tabetha

Kay Braswell


Ms. Riedell,
I am teaching AP Biology for the first time this year and I am finding many struggles with it.  I was wondering if you could offer some advise on a few things, if possible?  My first concern is that I feel the students need a strong Chemistry class to do well in AP Biology, but the problem is that they take 17 weeks out of the Chemistry curriculum to review the students for the Ga. High School Graduation Test, science section and I was told that it would not be changing.  What can I do to help my students be successful with AP and fill in the large gap with their Chemistry knowledge?  We are a very small school.  I am pretty much the Biology Department. One other teacher teaches one class of Biology.  I know it is hard to believe, but one stop light towns are still out there.  Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time,
Kim Braswell
Social Circle High School


Hi Kelly

I am an AP Biology teacher in Arkansas.  I discovered your website posted on the AP list serve. I would love to see more! Would you be kind enough to provide me a password so that I can discover more material to use for my classes? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Have a great day,

 Liz Bratcher
Bentonville High School
Bentonville, AR

Kim Braswell

Mrs. Riedell:

I have completed my first year with AP Biology. I need to make many adjustments, of course, but being able to use your website has been a godsend. I have learned a lot this past year. I still have a belief that students need to have a strong background in chemistry in order to do well. We now have formed an AP Department within our school and have opened up communication with the Board of Education with concerns for the AP Program.

I know that you are extremely busy, but I was wondering if you could reply with a letter of your thoughts and knowledge on the importance of chemistry to a successful AP Biology program. I have e-mailed you earlier concerning this, but I thought that it would be good to present ideas of what other schools do to prepare their students for AP Biology.

I hope that you have the time for this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Kim Braswell
Social Circle High School

Ms. Riedell,
I noticed that you let your students make test corrections. I think that it is a good idea. What information do you require from them for each question and how many points, if any, do you allow?
Kim Braswell
Social Circle High School



Jordan Breit


I would like to start off by saying how great your webpage is.  There are so many wonderful tools and neat extras!  I am a first year biology teacher at Lowndes High in Valdosta Ga, and stumbled across your webpage while in search of excellent student resources.  We are using the same book as your system.  I would like to ask permission to login to your biology webpage in hopes of finding even more education resources.
Thank you,
Jordan Breit

Thank you so much. We are using the dragonfly book for our Bio I courses. You are right, I have only made my way on to the main site but am excited about seeing what other neat stuff you have.  I will definitely give credit and appreciate your generosity. 
Thanks again,
Jordan Breit

Audra Brown
That sounds great...thanks for doing this.  Your website is terrific!


It's my pleasure, Kelly.  Thanks for being so willing to share by putting it up on your website.


Stephanie Brubeck

Hi Ms. Riedell,

Your dissection site is amazing! It has helped me organize my biology classes and my dissection unit. Thank you so much.

Stephanie Brubeck
Second year teacher




Alisha Burcham 
Lake Preston


Hi, Kelly.  My name is Alisha Burcham and I shadowed your classroom last month for a student teaching SDSU project.  I just wanted to thank you for letting me come in and also for having such an amazing website!  I really appreciate it, as a first year teacher, because you share your wealth of knowledge with all of us and make us better teachers in the long run too.  I really appreciate your generosity and support of the world of science.  I know you put so much work into finding all of the information.  Thank you for allowing us to have the options of using it; especially free of charge.  It is truely giving of you to help support teachers and science--thank you!!!! 

Wendy Burt []


Hi, Kelly,
I was checking out your jeopardy game for the crayfish.  I have a new smartboard and thought we would review our crayfish with your game.  Is there a way that the “questions“ don’t show on the slide?  Your website is wonderful.  I hope to work on one this summer.  I’ll bet your students love bio with such a creative teacher as you.  I have been teaching for 34 years and I still love it.  I am really excited about the new technology that surrounds bio and teaching.
Thanks for your help.  Keep up the great work, especially at this difficult time of the year!
Wendy Burt

lynea cameron
Ripley Union Lewis Huntington High School

Julie Carey
Craig High School
Janesville, WI

Good Afternoon,
I love your biology website and found it off of Massengale's Biology Junction which I have admired for years.  I was able to view the review games page before winter break but not I get an error message I have tried from both home and school.  It also says something in regards to "logging in".  Is the page protected now?



Keely Carpenter

Hi Kelly!

I have to say, I really enjoy your Biology webpage! I have been teaching science for 9 years, but this is my first time teaching Biology and you have saved me with your easy explanations. Currently I am teaching Biomolecules, and I saw that you have a sheet that can be turned in to a manipulative for students to use. It has a picture of the monomer with a definition, etc. Would you mind if I made copies of that to use in my classroom as review for my students?

Thank you again, for your wonderful page!

BTW- I am in Texas :)

Keely Carpenter
9th Grade Biology
Lowery Freshman Center


Michael Cassano [
Revere High School
Revere MA


Hi Kelly,
Once again I feel compelled to e-mail you and tell you how wonderful
this web site is. You and your staff have obviously put a tremendous
amount of work into this project and all of you need to be commended. My
students really enjoy the power points as they are a breath of fresh air
from the text as well as, providing a visual which complements the
learning needs of so many students. Please be advised that I 100% give
credit where it belongs as anyone should who chooses to use this site;
anything less would unethical in my opinion.

Lately, I have experienced difficulty logging on to it apparently a
change took place over the Holidays. Is this an indication that you no
longer wish its continued use by outsiders? If it is, I want to thank
you for the time that I was allowed to use it, my students benefitted

Mike Cassano

Hi Kelley,
Thank you so much, I really appreciate your sharing the change with me.
I can't tell you enough about how much of an impact your web site has
made on my classes. Because we use the same text it has become more
relevant to my students. Enjoy the rest of your school year (it's flying

Kudos to all,


Hello Ms. Riedell,

My name is Amy Chang and I am a new AP biology teacher at Klein Forest High School in Houston, Texas. I was browsing the web for possible AP resources for me and my students and came across your website. I loved the materials that you created for the AP students and wanted to know if I could use those handouts for my students as well (with your link source included of course). Also I noticed that you had students create an online account so that they could have access to the online biology textbook. Would it be possible if I let my students use the same access code to log in and use the online textbook resources on masteringbiology? I have emailed Pearson company asking for access to the online resources as an AP instructor but have received no responses.

If you have any suggestions, tips, or resources for a new AP Biology teacher please let me know. I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thank you for your time

Amy Chang

Thank you so much for your willingness to share! Also, do you know where I can get access to old released AP Exams?

Thank you

Amy Chang


Thank you so much!






Sharyn Chase

Ms. Ridell,

I want to thank you for your site! I found it while surfing the Internet looking for ideas in teaching 9th grade standard Biology (this is my first time). I have even directed some students from other classes to your site because I found it so helpful. Your PowerPoints really help me get the material across to my students.

Thanks again.
Sharyn Chase

Marie Ceccoli [


Dear Kelly,
I am a first year middle school teacher working with out dated text (1995) and very little resources to accompany it.  I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how helpful and fabulous I have found your website! Thank you for allowing me access to all your hard work and resources!

Nancy Clark

 I'll be happy to remove my link to Mrs. Lanoue's site.  However, since your website is password protected, it seems a shame that other teacher's cannot benefit from your work.  I could link to your photosynthesis page if you would like.  I try to give credit to anyone whose work I use on my site.  Let me know what you would like me to do.
Designs by Nancy
Amazing Science Teacher Resources


Kay Coates
Dodgeland School Dist


Kelly--I stumbled across your website last year, and I am just putting things together for all of my classes this year.  I haven't had the time to put my own site together and I just wanted to let you know I love your site!!!!  I give my kids your address and they love it also.  All of the links to help them review and all of the online activities are great!!!! Thanks for helping to make my life easier!!


Kerin Coffey

Ms. Reidell-
I've been meaning to send you a thank you for weeks now. I'm a new high school bio teacher (after teaching 7th grade science for 15 years). I went to an AP institute before school started and your site was listed on a helpful website list and I am soooo happy I found it. I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and allowing other teachers to have access to it. It has been a complete lifesaver for me. I wish there was something I could do to return the favor but for now I will just promise to pay it forward.
I hate to admit this but I committed an awful act in teaching. I gave out an assignment from your site before I had time to do the assignment myself and now I'm stuck. I assigned my students to complete the scientific method analysis (the fish experiment) and I don't know what the formula would be to calculate the rate of change. If you have a minute, would you mind helping me to clear this up? I'm embarrassed that I can't figure it out myself.

Thanks again for all that you do!

Kerin Coffey
Rosamond High School
Rosamond, CA

Oh my goodness. I'm even more embarrassed now. Thank you so much! Have a great weekend!


Pierre Coggins [
West Morgan High School


Ms. Riedell,
I believe this is the best web site for Zoology information I have ever seen. You did a great job on it

Denise Coleman
WCHS Biology

I was wondering if you would mind if I used your wonderful starfish lab.  I teach biology in Tennessee and I found your site while looking for ideas for the starfish lab.  This is the first year I am trying the starfish lab and I admit I am a little lost about how to put together the lab.  Most of the labs I have done previously were already created by another teacher. 


Thank you so much for your generosity.  I know how much work goes into creating these assignments. 




Faiza Coleman-Salako


Ms. Riedell,

Thank you very much for your sites.

The diligence with which you have put all of these resources together is very inspiring, indeed.

Thank you for being "open" enough to want to help educate all (include new science teachers who don't have a clue how to put it all together for every type of student).

May you be guided then blessed - always!

Faiza Coleman-Salako


Monica Coler [
High School Biology
Bellingham, MA

Your website is great! Thank you for making it so available.
I always give you guys credit when I use something from it or when I
send my students there.



Ruth Colyer

Hello Ms. Riedell,

My name is Ruth Colyer. I am a first-year biology teacher at Juarez-Lincoln High School in Mission, Texas. I am currently teaching grades 9-12, modified, regular, AP and Duel Enrollment biology classes. My workload is tremendous and certainly not what I expected when I decided to take on a career in teaching.

I stumbled upon your web site early this semester, and it has been a life-saver ever since. I have been studying and utilizing your site as a guide. Your site provides a wealth of information and resources for anyone to access. The powerpoint presentations (Notes) are very comprehensive as well. Kudos to you and the teachers who have contributed to the site. I particularly favor the AP pages. I want to ensure that I am providing the required information with sufficient detail to my AP students, and your site facilitates more than you can imagine. Thank you so very much for allowing the general public to freely access your site!

I would like to know if you have a syllabus template for your AP class. I submitted my syllabus to College Board without any instruction or assistance, and the Board is requesting revisions, modifications, etc, to the document. I am very short on time and was wondering if you have a template that I could follow [my campus does not have anything in place for its AP biology class; I am developing the curriculum for the course as I go along]. Any help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and the use of your web site,

Ruth R. Colyer, MS
Biology Teacher
Juarez-Lincoln High School
1201 West Mile 7 Road
Mission, TX 78574


Hello Kelly,
Thank you so very much for responding!! And thank you sincerely for the advice and suggestions. I am the only AP science teacher on my campus, so I had nothing to follow. Fortunately, I was an instructor at our local university for the last three years. I know the material, and I can teach it according to the Big Ideas, however, the College Board syllabus requirements far exceed those at the university. I had no idea how detailed the document was supposed to be.
Again, thank you. I hope to stay in touch, if that is alright with you. Do you incorporate a lot of technology into your instruction? If so, what types of technology do you use, and are your students actively involved in its usage?
Kindest regards,
Ruth R. Colyer


Jacob Crane

Thank you for sharing these links to home school parents like me. During my research I stumbled across You have listed a lot of great resources there that have really helped me with my teaching in addition to the great content that you have created on your site. Such a big help for a busy single dad like me.

 I am writing to say thanks, and to let you know that I also found a link during my research that I thought might be a great addition to your list of resources. The website has some great information about photosynthesis as well as quite a few other useful links and I thought it would probably be of value to your visitors.

 I also noticed that one of your links returned 404 errors.  I thought you might want to replace it with new ones:
Photosynthesis animation

 I hope I was able to help you in some way because you certainly helped me. Please let me know if you found my suggestion helpful.

 Kind Regards,
Jacob Crane

John Crowell
Ravenna High School
Ravenna, MI  49451

Alejandro Cruz
CIDEB (Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Educación Bilingue) 
 U.A.N.L. (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León)
Monterrey, México.

Robert Daiker
Burkburnett High School


Good Afternoon,
I am a biology teacher at Burkburnett High School in Texas. My colleague and I are really impressed with your website and materials. The reason for my email is to ask permission to use some of your powerpoint presentations and activities. We like the skeleton note style and it lends itself well to the "flipped classroom" style we are trying to employ. I realize that they are to South Dakota educational standards, however, we would like to supplement our material with some of your material. I am looking forward to your response and correspondence. Thank you very much!

Robert Daiker
Burkburnett High School







Alyson Darconte

Hi Kelly,

I am a new AP Biology teacher who found out four days before school started that I was going to be teaching the subject. Your website has
been one of my best assets so far this year and I was wondering if I could ask you about how you test your students at the end of the unit.
I'm teaching the same topics as you for the first unit and didn't know if it was too much to ask if I could have a copy of the test you give so
that I have an example of what to do. How long are your tests? I saw that you have your students complete a take home portion and a multiple
choice section during class. Also, could you explain the directions for your desktop musical chairs review?

Any help/suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I work for a Dept. of Defense school in Germany and I am currently having
to use the 5th edition Campbell book because that is the last time the school offered AP Bio. We are still waiting on them to send us our
actual textbook that was adopted for this year. Again, thank you for being such an awesome resource for someone who is new. I was in a panic
at the beginning of the year but my dept. chair from my last school
directed me to your website and Explore Biology and I immediately felt
better about jumping into AP Bio.


Alyson Darconte
Science Teacher
Bitburg High School
Bitburg, Germany

Hi Kelly,

Thanks so much for your help. The last time I had e-mailed you had mentioned that there were some examples of old tests from Kim Foglia's
teacher vault. I had sent a request to get access to the teacher vault on her webpage before I saw that she had passed away last year. Could
you send me some more examples of tests/questions? I'm getting ready to give a test on cells in the next couple days and then moving onto
mitosis and meiosis. I have to tell you that I don't know if I could survive this year without your website, such a life saver. Your
students are truly lucky.

Have a great day,

Alyson Darconte
Science Teacher
Bitburg High School



Robin Davis

Dear Kelly,

I am going to be teaching AP Biology for the first time this coming year. I have been using your website for information and ideas. It is wonderful, thanks! I tried to download the powerpoint viewer but it did not work. I have a Mac computer, does it work with a Mac or is there a different program?

In terms of your website, how did you get started with it? Is there a tutorial that you would recommend for creating my own website page for my students? I like the icon links and imagine that your students love all the info and links on your page. How long have you been teaching AP?


Robin Davis







Palmas Academy, Puerto Rico

Thanks!!! Your site is great!!! 

Susan Dent
Palmer, AK

thanks so much for the hard work you have done on your website.  My students really enjoy it. 


Beth Dixon

Hello Kelly,
I just stumbled upon your wonderful website and I wanted to send you a quick thank you note. I am teaching AP Bio for the first time in the fall and I'm also building the department (ordering equipment for the first time, etc.). I so appreciate what you built, it is a huge help already. Have a great day!

Beth Dixon
Room 222---Science Happens Here!
Biology and Life Science Department
Western Sierra Collegiate Academy





Pam Dooling


I received the CDs today.  Have not yet had a chance to look at them.
We went back to classes today; part of us are in the church across the street from the high school, others in the new gym building (which is without heat at the moment).  But, at least it is a beginning, and will get 3 days in before the holidays. Thanks again................Pam

Dear Pam,
I am so sorry this happened. As a teacher I can't even comprehend starting over like this. I don't really have a lot of AP stuff to share since I am a newbie AP teacher this year, but I am sending copies of the old AP multiple choice exams that others have shared with me. I have been teaching Bio for 10 years and I have a website set up for my students. The AP section is DEFINITELY STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS, but if anything there is of use please use it with my blessings. I also have a CD that another AP teacher sent to me that has lots of AP stuff. If you let me know an address to send it too, I will send you a copy of that




Marlane Dows

I am a member of the APBio listserv and went to your website from your posting.  There’s free access to Zoo and AP but not Bio.  If you give access to teachers, may I get one?  Love your site.


MarLane Dows
Central High
Baton Rouge, LA

Paul Dykstra

Jessica Ehring-Sikorski
South Tech Academy
1300 SW 30th Ave.
Boynton Beach, Fl 33426
(561) 369-7004

Thank you so much, Kelly! I've been teaching for 5 years, but this is my
first AP class and it is like teaching for the first time all over
again! I appreciate your help : )


hello Kelly,
 I hope all is well. My name is Erik Ekis and I'm a science teacher in Westerville, Ohio. I teach Biology and Zoology and I came across your website. Nice job! I'm in the process of building my own and was wondering if I could ask you some questions........ I'm not sure where your school is located; I'd be willing to call you at the most convenient time for you if you'd like. I am also interested in the GIF animal animations, those are pretty cool. Anyway, my school is Westerville Central High school, if you want to confirm that I'm not some random guy e-mailing you! LOL
>>> (
Anyway, I hope to take advantage of your expertise, perhaps we'll get the opportunity to touch base at some point.
Happy holidays,
Erik Ekis

hello Kelly,
thanks for the response and I hope your vacation has been a good one. We are also on vacation, through next week!
My first (and main) question pertains to the building of my website. I am looking for great ideas, views, etc. I really like the moving images on your
home page. What web page program do you use (I am using Sitebuilder from Yahoo) and where did you obtain the moving cartoon images? It seems much more user friendly (and fun) than a bunch of buttons and icons, I just don't know where I can get cartoons and images like those. As I move forward with this project, would it be okay for me to send you an e-mail here or there, with any questions? thanks again for any help and happy new year

hello Kelly,
 I hope all is well. I was wondering if I could use the 'background' that  you are using for your Animal Webpage Project page. It has the giraffe,  gorilla,
etc. I think it is really sharp and would like to use it for one of my pages as well, do I need your permission? Did you get it from Microsoft Frontpage Editor? Want to make sure I don't step on anybody's toes or break any rules. Thanks and have a great upcoming week!

great, thanks for the info! I understand completely, there are thousands of things out there and like you, I'm trying to keep track (and cite) where I
get things from. your website has been very helpful, not that it's of particular interest to you but I'll send you a link in a few weeks when my
website is ready to publish.
have a great week!

Mandie England


Ms. Riedell,

Oh, my goodness!! Your website is awesome and has helped me so much!! May I share the user name and password with some other bio teachers if they promise to give you credit for the work? You could sell rights to use your webpage, you know. I would certainly pay… It is such an amazing collection of truly valuable, usable teaching tools!

Also, I was wondering if you are going to CAST or the NSTA Convention this year, and if so, are you presenting?

Thank you for all you have done! It is an unbelievable amount of work!!

Mandie England

Winters ISD

Warner Robins High

I just wanted to e-mail you and say that those of you who created this website are AMAZING!! J   You have some really great materials that I can use in my classes.  I have shared this website with all of my Biology colleagues!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Pamela Evans
Redford Union High School

Good afternoon,
I found your web page while looking for zoology jeopardy games today. I just wanted to let you know that I found so much information by visiting your site. It is super!

Thank you for some new ideas to improve my one semester class in zoology. This year I had 50 students sign up for zoology! :) 

This was just a complimentary e-mail regarding your web site. I live in Michigan but have worked in Custer State Park in South Dakota in my younger years for three summers. I really do miss the Black Hills and Custer State Park but also love teaching especially zoology. :)
Pam Evans

Good morning. I was wondering if I can use some of your worksheets for zoology? Again, thank you for replying to my e-mail.

Good morning,
I know I have contacted you already this year.  How long is your zoology course? Is it one semester or two semesters? I may have asked but can not remember.
Thanks again for your great web-site. :)

Thank you.  It seems so tight to fit in so much information. :)

Cher Fesenmaier


I was hoping I could take a moment of your time and ask you a question or two.

I teach Biology and Biology II AP in Arizona and have come across your website which is UNBELIEVABLE!  Where you find the time is beyond me!  I am hoping that I may borrow some of your resources (giving you credit where credit is most deserved)?  I will be happy to share anything I’ve come across or created with you!

My second question (and supporting questions) are in regards to your schedule.  My school district is looking into changing our schedules due to trying to imbed PLC time into the day.  I’m serving on the committee and was trying to understand a little more about why Wednesday is different times, for the classes and the end of the day.  Do science teachers have a “common prep” period? Do you get 2 preps because of AP Bio? Department chair duties?


Thank you for your time!
Cher Fesenmaier
Desert Mountain High School
Scottsdale AZ



Finke, Jason
Fall Creek Valley Middle School
Indianapolis, IN

Good Afternoon, I teach 7th grade science in Indianapolis and after Christmas break I will be teaching cellular respiration and fermentation.  I am struggling to find material that is grade level appropriate.  I see on your website that you have a significant amount of material on respiration and fermentation, but it is too advanced for my 7th graders.  Do you have any resources or do you know of any websites that may be of use?
Thank you,
Jason Finke
Fall Creek Valley Middle School

Lisa Flottmeyer [
Aquinas Catholic Schools
521 S. 13th Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

Hi Kelly,
I have used your website in the past for some worksheets and other ideas but am no longer able to get access to the biology “intro” site.  Is there something wrong with the site or do I need a different address.  The error I get is “can’t locate page …”I greatly enjoy the ideas you share.  Thanks so much!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  This is always such a busy time of year so I do appreciate the help. I am just glad we have had no snow days...yet.  The winter is early yet, much more to come. What a wonderful compilation of effort you have on your site.  It is always fun to try some new ideas.
Thanks again,

Hi Kelly,

I so appreciate the wonderful ideas you have. We have used some in my class and they are so visual and understandable for the students. Is there something blocking the rest of chapter 7 info?

Lisa Flottmeyer


Thanks...yes it is working. You teach AP Bio as well? Have you attended any workshops yet for next years changes?

Hi Kelly,
I have seen postings from you on the AP Bio Community and it reminded me (as I am sitting here working on my AP syllabus) if you have gone to the newest
edition of your Miller Levine Biology. I see we were both using the last edition for our other Biology classes. I am looking at the new edition for next year, wondering if you have any thoughts or feedback. Thanks also for your creative projects some of which I have tried this last year. Thanks and hope your summer is off to a good start, Lisa Flottmeyer

Hi Kelly,
Congrats on your daughter's Wedding. We travel to the Twin Cities quite often as we are only a couple of hours away, always a good place to visit
and lots of family and friends there... I also went to a 1 day class but did not get a lot of help as to constructing the syllabus, it was more general background. I have been following the threads but am still sitting here staring at my course outline deciding how much info/detail they are really looking for. From the ones I have viewed it is quite varied, which is making it difficult to sink my teeth into. I have not gotten approval yet on my new texts either, next edition??? :)

Faye Fontana
Faith Lutheran Jr/Sr. High School
Las Vegas, NV.


Hello Mrs. Riedell,
My name is Faye Fontana and I am a High School Biology and Middle School Life  Science teacher here in Las Vegas, Nevada at Faith Lutheran Jr/Sr High School.
In researching the internet for various labs/dissections, I came across your homepage.  What an awesome website you have!!!!  I wish all teachers would publish their classes, helpful links, etc. like that.  I found soooooo many useful ideas as a Science teacher. Your PowerPoint presentations are wonderful and very student-friendly.
I just wanted to say Kudos to you for you great lessons and thank you for sharing such great ideas and information!!!  You made one teacher's day!!!!  Thank you!!!!

Charles Fowler []
Shelton High School
120 Meadow Street
Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 922-3004 (ext 424)

Goodmorning Kelly,
I teach high school biology as well and was researching some teacher websites.  I came across yours and noticed it was restricted by a login/password.  I was wondering if I could get access to your website for more information.  It would be a huge
help.  Thank you.

Thanks!  Will do.  I'll send you an update after I get to check  out the website.

I was looking on your website and came across the food lab. I printed it off and looked it over. I have a few questions.
How much food mixture/sample should be put in the test tubes?
Did you make the food mixtures/samples previously before the class?
If not, how do you make the food samples?
Each lab group is assigned just one food correct?
Thank you in advance, you have some great information on your website

Charles Fowler

Thanks so much.

Natalie Fox


Hello Kelly,
 I absolutely love your biology website.  I am taken so many great ideas and transformed them to fix my own teaching needs.  Thank you so much for having your stuff available online.
 That being said, is there something wrong with the website?  or has it moved?
 Thank you again!
Natalie Fox

Ron Galloway [
McMinn Central High School

Kaci Garrett GarrettK@MUSTANGPS.ORG
Mustang Mid-High 
Mustang, OK

Hi there! I just want to thank you for putting your excellent teacher resources online. I have your site bookmarked "Biology General Awesome" and I use it often. I am going to do the How Many Bears lab with my kids. In your instructions, it says that kids move around the room and roll for food tokens. I don't really understand how that works. Are there preferred numbers they roll for? Are there different stations set up where diff. types of food are available? Thanks is advance for the clarification! And thanks again for putting together such a great online resource for teachers. You rock!

Dear Kelly,
Thanks so much for the quick reply and tips on managing the lab. I like the original project WILD  version, but really hesitate to let my students attack the food in a free-for-all style. They're 9th graders--too many things can happen! Using the dice makes a lot of sense. Again, I can't tell you how much I think of your website, lessons, and general organization. Take care!
Thanks again,
Kaci G.

Patricio Gomez

Thank You, for the quality and dedication of your job. I’m planning to use it for my 10th grade biology class.

Jocelyn Gordon

Hello Kelly,
I have completed my first year of AP Biology and I would like to implement several changes.  How did you manage to have such awesome scores?  How many other AP courses did student's take?  Do your school have a requirement for placing students in AP courses?   I would like to thank you for such a wonderful website, because I definitely used it.  My biggest issue on last year was student motivation.  Some of my students decided to give up towards the end.  My class was blocked with Biology II Honors/AP Biology.  I started out with 28 students and ended up with 9.  I had 2 students passed one with a 4 and one with a 3.  They did not give up.  I had 3 students score a 2 and 4 students score a 1.  I have signed up for the AP Electronic Discussion Group, but I was unable to sign up for the yahoo group.  Can you send me the information for the yahoo group?  Can you also send me the old mc questions.  I am using the 8th edition Campbell and Reece textbook.  What are the Holtzclaw guides?  I was also wondering if you lecture to students a lot.  I would like to make course more hands on.  Do you give students a practice exam during the first week?  I accept any ideas or advice on developing a better course.  I would like to thank you in advance for helping me design a better course.  Kelly, please help me improve my students scores.

Jocelyn Gordon

Hello Kelly,
After reading your response, I feel much better, because I tend to worry about my students success.  I have 36 students enrolled in AP/Biology II honors and 22 students are suppose to remain in the course.  I will see students every single day.  I am worried about having such a large class with a lot of friends.  I am going to use your advice and continue to revamp my course for next year.  Have you ever use the Biozone workbooks with your students?  I will stay in touch. 


Nichole Gordon-Coy

Hi! J My name is Nicki Gordon-Coy at Sandy Valley High School. Jeannette Jernigan shared your website with me, and I just want to THANK YOU for your amazing work.

I just wanted to share that note of praise!

Do you have a twitter handle?

Have a nice weekend!





Brandi Gremaud


Hello! I have taught Chemistry for over a decade, but I recently switched school and am now teaching Biology I and II. The previous instructor had some of your materials in a binder, so over the weekend I checked them out online. Today, I went to show your website to another one of the biology teachers (also new!) and it requires a login and password. I’m guessing that just happened? I would greatly greatly greatly appreciate it you would allow me to access to your materials as they are awesome and very well organized! I will make it very clear to all involved that these are your product and not my own! Thank you.
 –Brandi Gremaud










Paula Gunn []
ery nice respiration review.  Thank you for allowing me to use it with my Bio 1 classes

Mamta Gupta


Dear Biology Teacher,

I am a grateful parent ,of a California High School student, who has stumbled upon your website.

My heartfelt thanks and kudos to you for creating and maintaining this site.

This is such a contrast to the kind of support that my son’s school provides for Biology.

The links to cool sites,games,audio book,class material ---all so generously shared.

This has become our go to site. Our escape from sketchy class instructions and even sketchier homework packets!

My son’s interest has been rekindled and he is spending quite a big chunk of his ,online, time just exploring your site.

It warms my heart to see him so excited about Biology again.

I hope your website will become a source of inspiration to teachers around us and elsewhere.

Keep up the great work, dear teachers.

I hope kids in your classes realize how lucky they are!!

Bets Regards,

Mamta Gupta







Monica Gross
Miami, FLA

I am a Biology and AP Biology teacher in Miami, Florida and I was using
your resourceful website last semester.  I noticed, when I returned from
winter vacation, that now the website is only accessible by logging in.
Would it be possible to receive a username and password?  I would be
willing to pay a monthly or annual fee.

Monica Gross

Thanks so much Kelly!
I aspire to have a web page like you one day.


Grossman, Mike mgrossman@CCTS.TEC.NJ.US
New Jersey

Damara Gulec
Desert Hills HS

Kirby Hall]
Miss Kirby Hall
Middle School Science Teacher
8th Grade Homeroom 
Christel House Academy
2717 S East Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225

I came across your website while searching for activities and lessons to help my students learn about mitosis and meiosis.  It seems like the page is full of resources that you've spent time developing.  However, when I went to click on the links, none of the pages could be found.  Do you still use this website?  If you've uploaded your materials to another location would you be willing to share those resources? 
Happy Teaching!

Bart Hamburg
Jackson County Comprehensive High School

Hi Ms. Riedell,
I was wandering why your website for Biology now requires a user name and password.  I have in the past used a few of your resources and they have work very well for me.  I would appreciate using some of those resources again. Please let me know what is up with you website.

Bart Hamburg
Science Department

Thank you so much


I graduated from SDSU a few years back and remember meeting you at the SDSTA sometime during my last year. You had a lot of great lessons, and I remember I got a lot of excellent ideas from your portion of the workshop. I was wondering if you would allow me to login to your biology webpage to get some additional ideas for lessons. This is my first year teaching at Washington High School, and I want to integrate some new things into my classroom. You have much more experience than I do, and I am always looking for new things for my kids. I understand if you prefer to keep your resources for your students, but would appreciate anything that you'd be willing to share. Thanks again.

Dan Hanson

Hauser_Scott [
I am a marine biology teacher.  Would you mind if I posted some of your links on my web page?  You have some awesome curriculum on dissections.

Thanks, Scott Hauser


Laura Henderson

Incredible website.  You are my idol.

Tricia Hennen
Cambridge-Isanti High School
Cambridge MN

  Jason Henry


Hi Kelly,
I am a fellow AP Bio teacher and am starting a Zoology course at our school this coming school year. I stumbled on your website this morning and I just wanted to thank you. It looks like you have a wonderful course and I am really enjoying looking over the content. Thank you for the great ideas this has been a tremendous help to jumpstart my curriculum design for the course. I am excited to look over your AP material as well.
Thanks again,


Tanganyika Higgins

if there is any way possible i would like to use the info that you have under your biology to be able to help out my special ed student the notes and powerpoints help them out a great deal last year please grant me access to this and thanks in advance.

Deborah Hill [

I will be teaching 1 section of a 1 semester zoology course - walk through the phyla: porifera thru chordata.  Anyone got a syllabus or website to share?  I have another teacher to work with but she says the course really needs work. I am so busy with AP and other stuff I really don't have alot of time to devote to this 1 section

Kelly -  Hi!  I am so glad I found your site.  I just got a new assignment to teach a one semester zoo class.  I did last semester on a day to day basis and it was awful - at least for me - I don't think kids cared.  But as an AP teacher I don't like being half-a--.  I would like follow along with you for a bit and I will definitely give you credit on things. My class is not a particularly high level group - no AP students. Your class is one semester right?  55 minutes?  Level of students?
Do you skip porifera?
Dissections are a struggle?  Little time, too many students in class.
Aren't you also an AP reader?  I am.  I have seen your name on the list serve also

I am thinking the people of South Dakota must be as friendly as the people of Oklahoma are said to be.  I had another experience with an SD'er earlier in the week.  She too was very generous.  You have really helped me alot.  I think skipping porifera and cnidaria might give me the time I need - especially for dissection but also just to give the students more time for reinforcement and me to lecture less - too much note taking.  There are more than 9 phylum afterall so what difference will it ever make to them whether they are experts on a few less.  My class makeup and situation is almost identical.  Hope to meet you one day and again thanks for your help.  If I develop something I think you can use I will reciprocate. 



Marcus Hill
Yorba Linda H. S
Yorba Linda, CA

1/12/10Thank you! You have just put a big smile on my face. I hope I will have the pleasure of returning the favor some day

1/12/10 Dear Ms. Riedell,
My name is Marcus Hill and I am the science department chairman at a small new school in Yorba Linda, CA. I have taught physics most of my teaching career, however, because we have only 9th and 10th graders this year, I am now teaching biology. It has been a difficult transition for me, but your web site as really been helpful and I have used it as a valuable resource for my lesson planning. Recently, I have tried to access your web site and found that I need a password to enter it. I am willing to follow any requirements/restrictions that you set for my ability to access your wonderful site.

Traci Hoffman
Hi I wanted to thank you for your wonderful site! This is my 1st year teaching AP and you have been a life saver! I really like your water lab with all the stations, but I was wondering if you have some teacher notes for this lab. I'm a little confused about how to set up all the stations.

Traci Hoffman


Jennifer Holden

Hi.  I am a new AP Bio teacher this year and just stumbled on your links.  I recognize a lot of these but I so appreciate you putting this together in one place.  Thanks for spending the time. 


Cheryl Hollinger
Central York High School
601 Mundis Mill Road
York, PA 17406

Hello Kelly! Thank you for putting so many resources together on one page and also for sharing it on the list serve. I added your page to my personal
delicious page. I have provided the link if you would like to access my page. While it is not a teacher web page, it does have several hundred
bookmarks that you might find useful for many different topics.


Thank you for sharing your resources. I love Greg Crowther's science
songs. Nothing is more fun than playing "Glucose, Glucose" on the day
I introduce my students to cellular respiration!

Cheryl Hollinger

Thanks Kelly! This is valuable information. I can share this with people in my AP Institutes next week. I also want to thank you for all your contributions to the list serve. I really appreciate them.

Cheryl Hollinger

2010 Kim Foglia Service Awardee



Dear Kelly,

Thank you for your tremendous resources.  I was wondering if you have a copy / procedure for your planaria experiment?  I am looking to incorporate something like this into my AP curriculum this spring and would appreciate any resources you can offer.

Thank you for your time.


Ron Holtz



Sally Howe

Hi Kelley,
I am a bio teacher at Clackamas HS in Clackamas, OR. I came across your site from searching the web and seeing materials credited to you. I would love to look at what you have posted for your bio course. Would you be willing to share a login and password? I tried the biology/ bhs from last year and it would not work.

Sally Howe
Science Instructor
Clackamas High School

Amy Hubbard

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your website and inserted the web address to give you and your colleagues proper credit.
Thanks much for your efforts.
Amy Hubbard
Biology Teacher
Science Department Leader
Bonny Eagle High School

Tandee Hughes []
Wolfe City ISD Texas

Mrs. Riedell: I'm a new teacher at Wolfe City ISD (Texas), and I love your website!! I'm looking for something to get my students up and out of their seats and I noticed on your syabullas that you have something called White boards and stand up sit down white board game.  I was wondering what exactly that is.  Thank you for your help!!

Kelly: Thanks so much for your help first off! I went to Home Depot right away and got them to make me some white boards! :) I watched the powerpoint of "How to Be an Effective Teacher" by Harry Wong and he said, if your not stealing your not a real teacher! I'm not stealing, but I have many questions.  Texas teachers went back to school this week and when I got back to school, someone had stolen my laptop that the school had issued me. I had everything dowloaded on there, including some of ya'lls powerpoints, and also all of the ones that I had made, along with my tests, quizzes, worksheets, ect. I remembered your address to your biology webpage but for some odd reason I can't get the page up. It says that it is no longer available.  Is there a reason?  Also, do you teach Anatomy or health?  I'm looking for some cool hands on projects for both of those.  Thanks so much! And have a great year!! :)

Hi! I'm looking for a great osmosis/diffusion lab to do. Do you have a lab
that requires a pre lab or questions by any chance? Thanks! :)

Mrs. Tandee Hughes
Wolfe City ISD


WOW! The lab that has the eggs seems really interesting. Is that one on your website?

Kelly: You're son will love College Station! I went to Texas Tech in Lubbock and loved it :)
I did get onto the website, thank you! We also have the Prentice Hall book, so I love your website! The videos, I use from my password on my book as well! I understand how you have to have the password so that you don't get in trouble or Prentice Hall, but I always give ya'll credit! Please tell the other teachers that I really like all the hard work that they did. Thank you and the white boards are great! :)



Hi this is Tandee Hughes from WC. I printed off the Classification of Living Things (Ch. 18) and I forgot to save the power point. Now I can't save it
and I'm about to teach this chapter coming up. Do you mind emailing me the 18-1 and 18-3 powerpoints? I have the notes just not the power point itself.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mrs. Tandee Hughes
Wolfe City ISD


I got them to work! :) Whew, you're a life saver!! I'm neither an Aggie fan nor a Longhorn fan!! I graduated from Texas Tech in Lubbock!! Wreck Em TECH!!! :)

Have a great week!!!




Stephen Hunsberger [

Hello there,
My name is Stephen Hunsberger, and I'm a biology/physics teacher in San Diego, CA.  While searching through the internet for resource materials,I stumbled across the following webpage:
What a resource!  I'm wondering if there is a way for me to gain access to the other pages on your site.  If you know or could forward me on to someone else that could help me I'd sure appreciate it.
Thanks in advance,



Ashley R. Hunt
Sam Houston HS


Donna J. Igo
Pell City Schools
Pell City, Alabama

Good Morning!
I was on the net searching for some ideas for teaching my class genetics/DNA/RNA etc and ran across your website!  Your site is great!! Thank you for having the worksheets etc!! I really wanted to view your reviews and jeopardy reviews..but when I click on them they do not work. Is there another site that has these?  If able to view them and use them, of course I would make sure it is your credit and that I am "borrowing" them!!

Thank you so much!!  Your site is just awesome!!!

Catherine Janssen [

Dear Kelly

I was poking around online when I found your website for new AP Biology teachers and I just want to say that I am so thankful for teachers like you, who are so willing to share resources. Our AP Bio teacher has quit her job two weeks before the new year and they've asked me to take her position. I have been teaching Biology for five years now, and I understood that this would certainly be a challenge, but I think I might be in over my head. Since I was only told about it a few days ago and I've missed all of the summer workshops, all of my resources are pretty much online. I've have already gone through your website and as I said before I am very thankful for everything you'd already provided me. Now I'm working hard to come up with some kind of schedule/calendar so I can prepare myself for labs! I did notice that you mentioned something about old AP Biology tests and I was curious to know more. Any help you can provide would be appreciated!

Thanks again for everything,
Catherine Janssen




Alicja Jasinska [
Jordan High School
Long Beach CA

I am a biology teacher and after viewing the lizard lab I thought is was great. Could you please let me know if there is an answer key developed to it?? I had some difficulty with the comparison of DNA
differences. Thank you I really appreciate it!

Hello again
is there an easier way to design the cladograms ? Are there other versions of them?

Dear Kelly
I can't thank you enough for being so helpful and willing to take time to help out!! I also found a good lab on biology corner called Peppered moth simulation. If your interested I can send you it, then again from
your fabulous website and all the work you put in to creating it I'm sure you know about that website. Again thank you. I will continue to visit your site !!
Take care

Dear Kelly
I cant thank you enough for being so helpful and willing to take time to help out!! I also found a good lab on biology corner called Peppered
moth simulation. If your interested I can send you it, then again from your fabulous website and all the work you put in to creating it I'm
sure you know about that website. Again thank you. I will continue to visit your site !!
Take care

Dear Kelly
Thank you very much for finding the time in your busy schedule to email me! I will look over the lab and all the details you mentioned. As for the natural selection lab (the one with the beads), are there directions to it? There is only the data sheet with some questions. Thank you again. Have a good day.

Good morning
I'm interested in the labs on meiosis; meiosis simulation and crossing over. Do you have the answers to them? I would greatly appreciate it because these concepts are difficult to understand. thank you

Thank you Kelly
Again I appreciate it that you take the time to respond to and help teachers outside your school. I reviewed the meiosis lab with the clay and think it will include lots of information (e.g. alleles, independent assortment, fertilization ) that can be covered since this school year is flying by and there is such short amount of time to finish everything. Anyhow, thank you again. Oh, I'm not sure if you incorporate case studies into your lessons but if your interested I have a fantastic link . Take care.
Alicja J.


Hi Kelly

I recently found a meiosis lab in which students manipulate colored clay and create an imaginary character (see attached lab)I wanted to know if you have ever done the meiosis simulation lab with your class and if so do you have an answer key to it? I appreciate your help
Thank you
Alicja Jasinska

Sent her link to Reebops & yarn meiosis

Dear Kelly
thank you so very much! I'll look into this!


Dear Kelly
I've spoken to you via email before , when I was still teaching only biology. This year is my first time teaching AP BIO. The end of the first semester is coming soon and I wanted to know if you give any semester test. If so could you give me ideas what to include? I would greatly appreciate it!


Hi Kelly
I wanted to know if you have the answers to the large parade review (34 questions )for the diversity of organisms chapters ??Thank you very very much in advance!!!

I have the Kim Foglia one . The one I would like a key to is attached

HUUUGGGEEE THANKS !!!!! Have a good weekend

Hi Kelly
As a first year AP bio teacher I wanted to ask you if you have any suggestions as to what helps students best/strategies before the test. I will be spending my spring break tutoring them. On the agenda will be lots of practice test/essay questions . I've also given them assignments at home.
I would greatly appreciate any ideas!! thank you

Hello Kelly
thank you for your email and suggestions. We currently have spring break and I created a folder for each student with info. on what they need to complete before the exam . Thank you again for the link and much help , I always appreciate it!!!
I saw the news of all the tornados and horrific weather out east , so I hope your not affected by any of it!!

Jeannette Jernigan

Hi! My name is Jeannette Jernigan. I am a science teacher in Ohio. I just wanted to tell you that I love your website. I teach zoology and I found your site for that class. I am sure you have put a lot of work into completing this site. Thank you. Also, I have been using a back door to get to your biology stuff. I go to your AP Biology and then log into the stuff you should know link. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you have saved me a lot headaches and time. Thank you very much.

 Jeannette Jernigan at Sandy Valley.





Katie Jones
Park Hill South Science Department
4500 NW Riverpark Dr.
Riverside, MO 64150

Hi, I had e-mailed you earlier in the year to compliment your website. You let me know a couple of months later that your site had moved, but I do not know where that e-mail went.  The place I am able to get to is the photosynthesis page which is: If I delete the last part and just stop at biology, it leads me to a login box. Do you prefer to keep this open to your students only, or is there a way other teachers can continue to enjoy and use your site? I really liked the games and reviews, but can’t find a way to get to the main topics page anymore. Any information would be great! Thanks,

OK, I did some more exploring and was able to figure out where the games went. Thanks again for the wonderful site!!!! I can’t imagine all the work you did.

Thanks. You are awesome!

Ronni Julien


Kelly, thank you so much! How did you know how helpful this would be to me? I can't imagine being on more than one teacher group/listserve...I can hardly keep up with this one! Thanks again. Ronni :)

Thank you, Kelly, for the clarification!!! You have a good year, too...Ronni



Dean Kandt
Franklin High School
Livonia Public Schools

I teach biology out of the Miller and Levine book as well and back in September I stumbled over your website.  Needless to say, I've found your materials invaluable.  With downsizing and budget constraints I find myself with 6 new preps over the last three years.  As you could imagine building my "folder" with useful materials from scratch is a challenge. To do an effective job in a limited amount of time I seek out all sources. Yours is by far the best.  Unfortunately for me the URL no longer works and appears to be now user name and password protected.  If you can't help me I understand - that is your hard work.  However, I'm hoping you can help me.
Dean Kandt 

Thanks a ton!











thanks, your powerpoints of dissections are great!  As a supplement to our dissections they will be a big help to show the kids more clearly what we're looking at.  We'll be using them with primary students to learn what's inside animals. Your site is the best I've found. Thanks again, I hope your students appreciate the clear, thorough and organized  manner you provide for their learning.
~Buffalo, NY



Lynda Kiesler

Hi there…
I’m a member of the AP Biology list-serve which is where I obtained your email and knowledge that you teach a zoology course. I teach one as well and have the opportunity to purchase materials (books, curriculum, programs) for the first time. ( I’ve gone without for the last ten years.) Can you recommend any materials that you use/like that I may not be aware of? What book do you use? Etc…
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a bunch
Lynda Kiesler
Albert Lea High School
Albert Lea, MN

Thanks for taking time to reply.  I've been teaching this for about 11 years.  Sounds like we have a lot in common. 
I'm doing the same as you (using the old Owl Modern Bio Book as my text.) 
I know there really isn't a "high school" zoology book.  I've done fine
without, but I just wanted to ask around in case there's something I'm
missing out on. 

Thanks again and best wishes to you!



HI Kelly,

My name is Jodi Klemme and I am teaching AP Bio for the first time this year at an International School in Saudi Arabia. I taught IB bio so I am not totaly lost. First off THANK YOU for having your website!!! AMAZING!!!! Second how to you scale your students grades to reflect the AP score? And where can I go to get ideas of what is going to be on the AP exam for the written part? I am going to give my students their first exam next week and I want to give an essay, but I don't know where to get the practice questions. The test bank from the text book doesn't included written.


Oh and I am originally from South Dakota!! My dad and sister live in Sioux Falls but I grew up close to Vermillion. It warms my heart to see a teacher from SD online and being awesome!!
Hi Kelly,
I hope your Q1 is going well. I have a couple more questions for you.
1. How do I adapt a syllabus for the audit this year. My coordinator isn't giving me any help and so I don't know how to go about adapting a syllabus just for this year while I try and figure out the AP curriculum.
2. The Grid In questions on the exam. How many points are they worth?
3. What statistics do you teach in class. Reading tons of posts on the list serve and teacher webistes....I am under the impression that we need more stats. But with not being able to use a TI calculator on the exam it has to be very I am just asking to make sure I don't give to much or too little on the stats part.
Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy day to help this poor girl :)

Jodi Klemme
Hi Kelly,

Hope you are keeping warm there in SD! I am looking at your Hardy
Weinberg practice questions and I was wondering if you could send me
the answer key? I am working through them myself and I just want to
make sure that I am doing it correctly since this is the first time I
am teaching it.

Also do you have any examples of multiple choice questions from past
exams? I wish College board would publish those as well so I have an
idea of what type of questions. I have just been using Campbell's
test bank questions. Are these questions ok or are the test questions
more general? I just want to make sure that I am preparing my
students for May.

One last question: I am planning for my next unit over
Physiology....and I am very overwhelmed with this unit..... looking
at the textbook guide on what is going to be covered in the exams
certain chapters are left off or are just covered in parts. Is it
best to still cover the entire lets say Cardio chapter but highlight
the connections to say hormones/body regulation ?? I don't want to
under prepare them but yet I don't want to spend time over material
that will not be covered on the exam.

Thanks once again for your help and enjoy your weekend!!

Jodi Klemme




Kurt Klingelhutz
Chanhassen High School


Hi Kelly,

My name is Kurt Klingelhutz and I will be teaching a Zoology course starting on Tuesday.  I found your website last night and am amazed by all the resources that you have created.  I am sure I will be referring to your website often over the next year.  My question to you is what textbook do you use in your class?  The old Zoology teacher used an upper division college text to teach the course and I am concerned that it is far too difficult for most of the students to understand.  The kids who are taking this course will only of had one semester of biology or honors biology.  My district ordered 60 of the college level textbook which I am considering returning if I can find a more appropriate high school zoology or biology textbook.  Please let me know what you think of your textbook or if you know of any other textbooks that might be appropriate for juniors in high school.


Kurt Klingelhutz


Hi Kelly,

I am using your calendar to guide my planning of the Zoology course you teach.  I am finding your powerpoints and handouts to be very useful.  I am very lucky to have found your site.  I was wondering if there would be any way to get copies of the tests you use in the course.  Frankly, I am struggling to keep my head above water and if I had a copy of the tests I might be better able to prepare myself and the students for what is to come.  If you are uncomfortable with this I understand, but I thought I would ask to see if it was at least a possibility.  Thanks for your consideration.

Kurt Klingelhutz
Science Teacher




Elizabeth Knight [


Dear Kelly,
I came across your web page while searching for textbook resources.  I have just found out I will be teaching biology I in our school next year
and we use the Miller and Levine textbook.  Our only biology I teacher is leaving so I will be on my own. I noticed your resources on your webpage and I was curious as to how you structured your biology class (lecture, labs, activities, etc).  Our state has a state biology I test and because of this, I know the current teacher has not done a lot of labs and has done mostly lecturing to prepare for the test.  I really like incorporating labs into my other classes so I would like to do that in Biology I as well. If you don't mind just giving me a rundown of your typical day and how you would teach a typical unit/chapter, I would really appreciate it. I am always open to and looking for new ideas!
Thanks so much,

Elizabeth Knight
Richland High School



From: Kevin Koppelmann

October 29, 2012
To: Riedell, Kelly
Subject: I really like your site and plan to barrow some of your ideas

I'm curious what book you use for your zoology class

Kevin Koppelmann
High School Biology 1&2
Maries Co R-2




Klingelhutz, Kurt [
Chanhassen High School
Voicemail:  952 556 3765


David Kommer

Wow. Thanks for the vast amount of information. I'm certain that I will be using many of these resources.

Thanks again,

David Kommor
WC Mepham HS
Bellmore NY 11710



Tiffany Kroeger
Montrose School Dist


Mrs. Riedell,
 I wanted to thank you for your amazing website.  I am a new teacher in my first year and I am constantly looking for good ideas to try to get the students to understand and own the material.  I love the ideas you have gathered and I have used many of them in my classroom so far and they have worked well.  I was wondering if you had a good idea for a mitosis lab?  The ones in my book do not seem to work well and I have a kit for a mitosis lab that the students are not able to see the different stages.  Any suggestions? 
 Thank you again for the awesome website.  It really has helped me in many a pinch.
Mrs. Tiffany Kroeger
I was wondering if you could send me the Act out RNA processing and Act out Transcription and Translation that is under the Teacher Links on your website.  I cannot seem to get the links to work. 
Thank you,
Tiffany Kroeger
Montrose School District






Xan Kucejko

I  think your website is AWESOME!!!
I recently found out that I will be teaching Zoology next year. I teach grades 9-12. I am really excited to see that you have some neat resources on your website. If you don't mind me using them, I will be more than happy to reference your name on everything! Thanks for your time and effort.

Dekey Lama
Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine


Hello Kelly,
I am a new AP Bio teacher and found your website. I would like to thank you so much for posting the resources and valuable information. I was so overwhelmed and feeling much better now. Could you be able to send me a copy/copies of previous year AP exams that you use in your chapter tests/ unit exams? I do not know where to look for the test questions broken down into individual units. Thanks so much!!!
Good luck with your school!



Verna Lang [
Kenwood High School
251 E. Pine Mountain Road
Clarksville, TN  37042




Jeannie Lanio
North Gwinnett High School



Amy Lanoue [




Michel Lanoue
Integrated Physical Science and Biology Teacher
Northern Burlington County Regional High School
160 Mansfield Road East
Columbus, NJ 08022


I am not able to access everything including the "biology home site".  I found the site once doing a search for a particular lesson and got this page:  I don't think it even has the link you are referring to with the "videos from slideshows".
 I have no problem giving credit where credit is due and appreciate the resources tremendously.  Is there a particular way I should cite them?

Good morning,
I teach science in NJ and came across your website a while back and find your powerpoints and activities very useful in my class.  I also like your help for teachers in doing our own sites, as I have been working on one. This is my first full year teaching Biology and it has really helped using your site.
A few of the powerpoints including the "A little Chemistry"  have action buttons for videos, but for some reason these are not working.  I have had one work at the beginning of the year, so I'm not sure why it is not working for this one.  Where do you get the videos that you insert?  Is there a particular reason it may not be working for me?
Thanks for all your help,


Devon Lee

Dear Mrs. Riedell,

I have taught biology for years------and have taught AP Biology as well as AP Environmental science in the past (2006 last time for AP Biol) and (2009 last time for APES). I shall be teaching AP Biology next year here in San Antonio TX. This summer I took the AP Biology Summer Institute, and I am ready to get started on the new course. One of the participants in my class, told me about your website, and I was wondering if I may use some of your materials? Additionally, I was wondering if you could give me any hints or suggestions on "test banks" for this coming school year?

Thank you very much....I genuinely appreciate any help- and I really appreciate your website.

Devon Lee
PS Please e mail me at

Devon Marie Lee
Biology & Dual Credit A&P
Instructional Dean of Science
Claudia Taylor "Lady Bird" Johnson High School

Thank you so much for the information. I am sorry that it has taken so long to get back to you, I have not had access to my e mail. Additionally, I have now switched schools, and will be teaching all AP Biology next year, and currently I only have my home e mail address
Thank you very much for all of the information. And I believe that I will use some of your information from your website, at least to get started.....I will definitely reference you in all presentations that I use from you. Anything that I develop and have developed I would like to also share, through the wiki that you recommended. I have only used wiki spaces one summer, so I hope that I "did it" correctly. I signed in and sent a request for that correct?
Thank you again for your prompt response, and I have my fingers crossed, that I signed in correctly.
Thanks, Devon


Hollington Lee

Good Morning-

I was referred to your web page by a colleague and I would like to look at some of your materials but the link to your Biology page sends me to a Login box where I need a username and password.

Would it be possible to give me those or allow me access? My colleague told me he has been to your site before but did not mention a Login window.
Thanks for your help.

--Hollington Lee
Biology & Human A&P teacher
Ludlow High School
Ludlow, MA


Joy Lee 

Hi! I am a new AP Biology teacher this year! It has been very stressful because I can't seem to get through with everything in a short amount of time. (48 minutes a day, year long) I would like to look at some of the review stuff you have on your sight that is password protected. Might that be possible. Thanks for all your help!
Joy Lee
Lumberton High

     Thanks so much for the help. I will not give out the password to anyone, Scout's honor! Do you find that your AP students seem to get overwhelmed at times? I have several seniors that also have senior projects going on right now, and they are really stressed. How much outside of class work do you usually assign? Thanks for all your help!!!
J.A. Lee


Yvonne Leija-Leroux

Just wanted to say thank you!

 I came across your website and my students have been using the ppts as a review in class before the big state assessment.  Very thorough.



Yvonne Leija-Leroux




Patty Lorton

Thanks again for your help. We are finishing up the semester with midterm exams on December 19-21. I would like to give my AP students a comprehensive midterm over chapters 1-11, but I'm not sure what format I should use. I was thinking of setting up the midterm like an AP exam. Students have 90 minutes so with some modification I am thinking 30 multiple choice questions from any chapter, 2 math/science questions concerning calculations completed in labs so far, 3 short answer questions focused on portions of the Big Ideas I've covered, and one long response question from the practice problems supplied on AP website. It would essentially be less than half an AP exam. Do you think this would be too much? I will provide the question topics in advance for the math/short answer/long response questions, and I will have students use chapter study guides for the rest. Should I supply an additional study guide for the chapters? It seems redundant, but may help. Thank you in advance for your input. Patty Lorton




Dr. Ramon H. Lozanom
Celebration High School 

Rob Liebman
Estes Park CO

Hi Kelly,
I wanted to send you a note thanking you profusely for allowing me to use your website! I am a first year biology teacher down in Estes Park Colorado and it has been very comforting knowing I have your site as a back up. Just so you know, I sing your praises to my students every time I use your material. You and your team have done a phenomenal job putting all your material together and please know that it is much appreciated.

Thanks again,
Rob Liebman

Hi Kelly,
I can't believe you took the time to email me this on New Year's Eve! You are the best! I hope you have had a great holiday season, even if it was too short. Thanks again for everything you have done for me.

Rob Liebman

Mark Little

Dear Mark,
Thanks so much for sharing. This is a really great idea. Would it be OK if I posted it on my teacher help page along with some other "Act it out" activities? I would give you credit for the activity. If not that is OK, too. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

Thanks again for sharing.
Hi Kelly
No problem in posting it--just trying to give ideas.  Thanks a lot for the links.
Mark Little
Broomfield High School
Broomfield CO


Livingston, Casey
Whitmore Lake High School

Hello, I am a biology teacher across the nation here in Michigan. First, I wanted to say I love the activities, format, and design of your website.  I referenced and used a couple of your interactive assignments from your web page with my students here before the holiday break.  I wanted to search your other units for some activities that would flow well with our units we are investigating here.  When I accessed the link again it told me that I needed to login again.  I was wondering if there was a guest login I could use to gain access.  The URL I accessed before break was…   It did not ask for a login before the break.  Again I wanted to commend you on creating one of the better interactive biology websites on the web. 


Casey Livingston


Long, Mary [


Stacy Lovell [
LSK (Mi'kmaq First Nation)


Gabe Lynn
North Carolina

Dear Mrs. Riedell,
I am a first year biology teacher in North Carolina and I just happened upon your site about halfway through this semester.  I wanted to take the time to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed using the materials on the site.  The continuity of the presentations with  the supplementary material really makes this site useful and, as far as I can tell, fairly unique when it comes to available high school resources on the internet.My question is - do you all have a test/quiz bank that corresponds to your materials? If so, would you be willing to share and/or exchange those files?
Thank you again for all the hard work you've put into your site and for making it publicly available.

Gabe Lynn


Kathy Maher

Dear Kelly! You are my new science hero!!!! I just found your website because I was searching for something new in Zoology. This is my first year teaching it and I appreciate all the help I can get. We are on reptiles right now and I love the dissection guide for turtles and also the wonderful links you have set up. Thank you so much for allowing us to use your site!

Kathy Maher
Savannah, Georgia

Heidi Marlow

Hi Kelly,

My name is Heidi Marlow and this is my second year teaching 9th biology Patrick Henry Middle School in Woodhaven, Michigan. I discovered your website last year and it quickly became my sanity as far as ideas and resources! I am in the process of revamping my classroom structure to make way for the new common core standards. I am considering flipping my classroom in order to free up more class time to pursue more common core based activities and assignments and I wanted to ask your permission to use your power points to make videos that my students can then watch online for homework or to use to make up in the case of an absence. It would really free me up to spend my time creating my layered curriculum and project based assessments but I understand if you are not comfortable with me using them.

My current thought is to create the videos using Screencast-O-Matic or Camtasia and put them up on a venue such as for my students to access. We just received our own teacher website as part of our new school district website, but I haven't figured out how to use that yet. In the future, I might consider putting the videos up there if I have enough space to do so. Please let me know your feelings as soon as possible so I will know if I can use your PowerPoints or if I will need to resort to using the PowerPoints that came with my textbook, which I personally don't like very well. I appreciate your consideration with this matter!

Kind Regards,
Heidi A. Marlow
PHMS Biology


Melissa D. Marston
Central High School
Woodstock, VA

I teach biology and have enjoyed your powerpoint presentations that cover the material.  However, I am unable to access your information and was wondering if you changed the site address???
Thanks for your help
Melissa Marston


Thank you so much.  I was able to access it.  It is a great website so I understand why you are having all of the hits on it.  Thanks again,
Melissa Marston






Cheryl Massengale


I found your website and have enjoyed looking at your work.  I also teach biology and AP biology and have a website:  This is my 35th year of teaching!  My question is --- would you be willing to share ideas?  I haven’t password protected my site because I want other teachers to use my materials if they would like.  I use the same AP textbook as you do so I think I might have some things that would be of help to you.  If you would be willing to share, please send me a username and password to access your biology site.  Thanks!

Cheryl Massengale
Stuttgart High School
2501 South Main
Stuttgart, Ar 72160


While viewing your site, I noticed the handout links for worms are broken.
Are these handouts available?

Did you try out clustermaps?

Cheryl Massengale
Stuttgart High School
2501 South Main
Stuttgart, Ar 72160



Karen Mayeaux
Tabb High School
York County School Division
4431 Big Bethel Road
Yorktown, VA 23693

Good Afternoon,
I came upon your web site through biology junction ( Cheryl Massingale’s) web site. This is only my second year teaching AP and I only have 5 block periods every 2 weeks to teach everything the students are supposed to know. Do you have any suggestions? I would appreciate any assistance that I can get.
Best Regards,
Karen Mayeaux


Hi Kelly,
I appreciate your response when I emailed you in late August . I am feeling so overwhelmed trying to cover everything that needs to be covered. I only have 450 minutes every 2 weeks and that includes the time to do the 12 labs. My class meets every other day and I am trying to do the Holtzclaw worksheets with the students. It seems like the guided reading helps. My problem is finding the time to do all of the worksheets before I give them to the students. Any suggestions? I feel like I just barely stay ahead of them. The county only offers AP Biology every other year and as a result I have to go back and make sure everything still exists on the internet.I have been going over your web site and viewing everything you make available to the students. I try to share this with the students and they seem to shut down because of the wealth of information! Once again do you have any suggestions?

I have contacted Cheryl Massengill and Kim Foglia and requested use of their sites. They also request donations. Do have any clue on a dollar amount to contribute. I had requested use of Kim’s web site again this year, but I never have received a reply and I am not sure why. Thanking you in advance for any help that you can give. I hoope your year is going well!

Karen Mayeaux

Good Morning Kelly,
Thank you anyway! The kids just have such a hard time trying to unravel the reading. I will just keep on plugging and look for a few different worksheets. By the way your site is excellent as well. The notes are excellent and I put your URL on my list of bio web sites for the students . Thank you again and please stay in touch!


Hi Kelly,
How are things going? I do direct my students to your web site. I want to make sure credit is given to you. Thank you for allowing others to use your materials. Do you have keys to the genetic units from Explore I had my keys made from 2009, but I can find them and I am going crazy trying to locate items I had completed. I made the mistake 2 years ago of believing my students that they understood genetics. Wrong Answer! I would appreciate any assistance you can give me!
Karen Mayeaux

Good Morning Kelly,
Thank you!! Those were some of the ones that I have misplaced. I feel like I spend hours doing worksheets and I no more finish one unit and we are on to the next. The students are fussing that I am pushing too hard, but if I let up they get lazy. You know what I mean? Do you have any suggestions for keeping them motivated? Also if you have found any activities that work better than others , would you let me know? I have come to the conclusion that guidance pushes them to take 4 - 5 AP classes and many of them can 't handle the work load, especially AP Bio.
Once again THANK YOU and I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!
Best Wishes,

Hi Kelly,

I guess we are winding down to the last few days before the AP exam. Given your best guess what do you think the topics will be for the FRQs this year? We have been reviewing the last 10 years of questions and I am just not sure what to review for the last time! I would appreciate any help you can give me.

I am frustrated with some of my students because they are not really interested in the sciences and they took the class because of a friend. Even some of their classmates are frustrated with them for whining all of the time because it is so much work. Oh well it is just about over. I wish you the best of luck with your classes!

I need to enroll in one of the new AP Institutes so that I can begin working with the new changes. How often does your school district adopt new books? Just curious. Take Care and Thank You So Much for all of your help this year!

☺Karen Mayeaux


Hi Kelly,
I hope your students did well! I am glad the exam is over. Now we can start getting ready for the new curriculum. What do you think of the new guidelines?
Please stay in touch. I assume you plan to continue teaching. Do you have any other preps? It is nice to know what goes on in the other districts.! When is your graduation? Take care and have a great summer break!



Gracie Mays

I'm trying to log in to your website. I'm not having any success !
I am a teacher of Biology and Anatomy @ LR Central High School.

Thanks for your timely response. I'm already looking for different
material and ideas to teach my Biology classes


April McPherson

October 25, 2012

Mrs. Riedell,

I am a Zoology teacher at Northwest High School in Missouri. I found your website late last year and really like many of the items you have posted on there and for that I thank you. I am writing to you because I wanted to know a little more about how you have your students working with the vocabulary. I have been teaching it for three years now and it seems to be my Achilles heel. I have tried many different activities and assignments in order to help my students learn the terms needed for each phyla being discussed. I have been working with the districts instructional coordinator as well to incorporate different strategies. Perhaps it is even how I am structuring my class materials. I would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to respond and tell me how you work with a unit and its vocabulary. If it is easier to choose a specific unit then I am getting ready to start on mollusks.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

April McPherson

I have talked to several students and only a small number studied their vocab activities I assigned. So I am scrapping that idea. I wanted them to use the activities not just do it for a grade. I suppose it is also an issue of them choosing not to study and be a little lazy.

I was looking through your website again and saw your test scores posted. Do you only test over one phyla at a time? In the past I have tested molluscs and annelids together. Do your tests focus on one and then have them compare to another on a couple of questions?

Again thank you for your assistance.
April McPherson




Reyna Mejia [

Hello Kelly,
I just want to tell you that I think your site is phenomenal; I just happened to stumble across it while looking for material.  I was placed as an intern six weeks into the school year.  The students have had a “sub” and well… I’m sure you can imagine what that was like.  So not only am I trying to implement discipline and procedures but I am having to plan and find material as I go along.  Your resources have been a tremendous HELP and as a new teacher I just want to say THANKS!!! Your students are very lucky to have such a creative teacher!!

Thanks again,

Reyna Mejia (from California)




Paul McKee []

Hi  Kelly Riedell,
> Your web site is a breath of fresh air.  I really enjoy your web site
> and thank you for creating such an outstanding resource for the world
> to enjoy!
> I really appreciated and enjoyed your Resources for Teachers.
> I just submitted your web site to our editors for inclusion in our
> search engine and resource pages.  We would be happy to list your web
> site. Do we have your permission to list your web site?
> We have been working on putting together a similar resource for quite a
> long time.  Our web site TeAch-nology has provided teachers a slew of
> free resources for years.
> I was just wondering, if it isn't too much to ask, could you possibly
> place a link to our lesson plan page on your web site?  I'm sure your
> viewers would appreciate it with all of our no cost lesson plans.  If
> you take a look, I think you'll really enjoy it.
> Our lesson plan page can be found here:
> Teachnology's Lesson Plans Center - Over 30,000 free lesson plans for teachers.

> Thank You So Much For Taking The Time,

Paul McKee
> The Online Teacher Resource,

Hi Kelly,
Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. I'm sure you are busy.  I'm thankful that you took time out of your day for us.
I just checked the status of your site in our editor's queue. Our editors will be adding your site to a series of our resource indexes and
search engine in a few days.

A 1000 Thanks,





K Mikula


You have done a fantastic job which is helpful to all biology teachers.  Keep up the good work.


Barbara Moss [


Amy McCarthy-Musick
Galveston, TX

Cay Miller [
Willow Springs High School
215 W. 4th St.
Willow Springs, MO 65793


Necole Morrissey
Undergraduate Student
UConn School of Nursing

To whom this may concern,
Thank you very much for compiling these resources into your highschool
biology website. I'm a sophomore in college and I found some things on
here very useful while studying for my Genetics class.
Thanks again! And have a fantastic school year.



Barbara Moss [

HI Kelly,
I am having trouble putting the flip book together. I followed the link you ahd on your apge for the foldables, but I can’t seem to get the diagrams to line up. Is the link correct?
Thanks for any help you can offer. Your site and information is very helpful!



Paul D Nale
Pleasant Valley HS
Poconos, PA



Hello Kelly,
My name is Lisa Nathaus and I teach 7th and 8th grade middle school science. Your website was mentioned as a great resource for activities and labs to be used in the life science classroom. Would you be open to allowing me to have access to some of your resources via your school web page? If so, please respond to<>.
Thank you for taking time out to read this e-mail. I hope to hear back from you.
ENjoy what is left of your summer vacation!

Lisa Nathaus

Thank you Kelly.
I will definitely give you credit and not post anything that comes from you site and is public.
Thank you!
Lisa Nathaus




Hello and good day!
I have looked into your Zoology and AP Biology website but I wasn't able to log into the Biology website. I am very impressed with the materials you have developed and I am interested in accessing your site in Biology. What are your requirements for a fellow Biology teacher to have access to your Biology site. I also would like to submit ideas or suggestions that I used in my classroom.
Thank you!
Rosalina Nitollama
Biology Teacher
Topeka High School
Topeka Kansas


Hello and good day!
Yes off course, I understand that. I greatly appreciate it, this would really be a big help to my classroom instruction.
Thank you very much.




Joan Nolan [



Kate Nguyen

I especially LOVE your website and all the helpful information on it. I noticed that when I clicked on biology it asked for a username and password.  I was wondering if I can have access to what your biology students see. I will readily give you credit for all your hard work! Thank you so much!!!!

Hi Kelly,
Thank you so much for the password. You guys are awesome!!

Jacob Ong
Westlake HS
Saratoga Springs UT

Ms. Riedell,
I just started teaching zoology, and your site is incredible.  (I was originally in a PhD program in neuroscience, left with a masters, and completed law school in 2008). Although I haven't taught that long, I do have some real world experience that I would be happy to share.

Rebecca Orth
   I found your natural selection lab, and really like it. I was wondering do you have a lab instruction sheet that goes with it? A sheet of paper to give the students with step by step instructions as to what to do?
Rebecca Orth
Central High School

Terri Lynn Ortiz
Miami Palmetto Sr. High (7431)
7460 SW 118 ST.
Miami, FL 33156



yan pang []

Dear Kelly,
I very very very appreciate your kind reply!! Thank you so much for telling me these useful links.
Good luck and wish you all the best!


Ashlee L Parker


My name is Ashlee Parker, and this is my first year teaching AP Biology at Manchester HS in Midlothian, VA. First, please let me say that your website has been one of my main go-to sites and has helped me tremendously with pacing options, activities, and notes. We have science specialty centers around the county that draw serious science students from each school, so we don’t have the opportunity to teach AP Bio every year (our last course offering was 4 years ago). So please let me say THANK YOU.

I have a question about the Fruit Fly lab. I feel like I don’t quite understand how to answer all of the questions as to what the lab is looking for, and some of the crosses are a bit confusing. I’ve never done a virtual fly lab, but after taking MONTHS to get rid of the flies from last year, we decided it would be smoother to do a virtual lab (not to mention we have this odd 3 hour release day at the end of each month, and every day off and release day coincides with our AP class… we are behind…) Your lab was the best that I have seen, but I’m wary of how to do this with students. Do you have suggestions or advice?

I hope that this email doesn’t offend you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your website.

You can reach me at:

Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy your Christmas break!

Ashlee Parker

Hi Kelly,

Thank you SO much for your help. You really saved me. Thank you for including the new and improved version of the lab. The Anderson video was great too! I haven't worried about fruit fly crosses or chi square analysis since my sophomore year in college. I think the hardest thing is having 2 preps, planning an entire prep by scratch while trying to keep up with grading, and re-learning the facts.

I was lucky enough to meet someone who did recommend Kim Foglia's site to me, and you are correct, she is amazing. I've been using your site, Messengale, and Kim Foglia the entire year. I've seen a lot of success with the labs, and I LOVE the way you have condensed the notes and the "What You Should Know" for each unit. It has helped me so much in planning and pacing.

Again, I really, sincerely, appreciate the help. I hope you have a fantastic break.

Take care,

Ashlee Parker





Nabeehah Parker
Masterman High School
Philadelphia, PA

I am a biology teacher at a Philadelphia public school for gifted students.  I am always looking for animations, etc. to elucidate points I make in class.  This year I came upon your website, and found that much of the material I was discovering by searching was already available on your "cool websites." I often have my students go to your website and then to specific links.  I have lauded your efforts with my class, and your site has encouraged me to "step-up" organization and accessibility of my material as well. I have not had the chance to look at much of your site's teacher made material, but this week I did look at your evolution powerpoint, and indeed used it as a supplement to the material we use.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for sharing the information you use with your students. It certainly helps with the "too much work, too little time" phenomenon that I experience and I'm sure you do as well.  I am currently working on a wiki for my class, and once it is in reasonable form, I will share that info with you. It looks like your school has a fabulous science program, and I wish you the best in your endeavors.

Carol parson [
Swiss Memorial Elementary
Gruetli-Laager, TN

Claudia [

Jennifer Peachee

Jennifer Perry
Brentwood HS
Nashville, TN


Freida Phillips 


Ms. Riedell,
I have become a great fan of your biology website last year.  I discovered it from using the massengale site.  You have great powerpoints and acitivities.  This year I tried to open the site and couldn’t get there but thought it was a new filter we have in our system.  I have now tried from home and realized you have a password lock on it.  Is it possible for me to get the password from you to continue to use your site.  I am a teacher in Georgia and I would appreciate it if this is possible.  If you would like more information my email is .  My school is the Whitfield County Career Academy and I teach Biology and Anatomy and Physiology.

Thanks again.
Freida Phillips



Dear Kelly, Thank you so much!  I will follow your requests and appreciate your help so much!

Freida Phillips







Polumbo, Cecilia [


Pamla Pruitt

Good morning Ms. Riedell,
Your website is awesome.  Your Zoology site is super; however I cannot get into the Biology site without a user name and password.  What should I do to enjoy your great work?

Pamla Pruitt


Thank you so very much and I will definitely give credit to you.

Kim Pozarelli]


Just curious. Is there a way to access the material you say you have on this website? Every link I click on puts me in a window telling me how it is one of the following four reasons it proceeds to list that prevents me from connecting to your link. I’m a student teacher, your stuff looks, great and inspirational, but I keep getting my hand slapped. I’m going to use Evolution for my TWS and you got some great ideas (properly cited of course) I think, but I can’t get in to really tell.
Can you help?

Kim Pozarelli


Dear Kelly,
Thank you for sharing so generously and responding so promptly when the
world feels like it Is crashing over my head, I can't begin to share how
much I appreciated your warm response. I printed a copy of the computer
response I get and in my spare time (tee, hee) I' ll type the jist to you.
By the way, you probably heard of this resource but I stumbled across them over a year
ago and used their Origami DNA activity and Romanov Lab in the last few
weeks with great success. Have you heard of DNAi or DNAInteractive where
the scientist are generating all kinds of information being designed for
teachers in the classroom to present as cutting edge as possible, and
creative and interesting approaches - just a suggestion if you don't know
already - I like to borrow, but I also reallllllllly likeeeee
to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kim Pozarelli


Dear Kelly,
 How are you doing? I just want to tell you and who ever is interested what a godsend your website  has been for me as a student teacher
who just finished up the teaching (9th Grade Biology) evolution, you have truly been a blessing!

As far as citing you properly, what date would I put down for the last time you updated the site? Also, who all should I list as the
Thanks so much,
Kim Pozarelli


Dear Kelly,
If the website is pretty much yours, you are AMAZING! I love researching the web to find stuff, but you and I were using the same book which completely
saved my life. I felt like I was drowning when I was student teaching but some sick part me wants to be back in that classroom this precise instant. I
miss the kids in spite of themselves (as a group), individually they were all so incredibly sweet and I felt like I was saving a couple. I am in a
suburb of Atlanta called Lawrenceville, but in my heart I will always be a CA girl (uhmm, I'm 48, but still a GIRL - that's my story and I'm sticking
to it!). Amazingly, I loved working with the Freshman, although my classroom management is definitely not my strong suite, but my daughter who is a
Freshman is unfathomable, obnoxious, and is making me lose my hair (she's my precious baby, though)! Well, next on the agenda is finishing my Teacher
Work Sample, then getting out there to find a job - which apparently there are none because Gwinnett County is in the middle of a decade hiring freeze.
They do need science teachers and I'm getting my post-bac in Biology 5 - 12, so hopefullyyyyy..........

Nice bending your ear,
P.S. I need to write you later because I did a mapping project for evolution that came out really cool.




Sherri Quintero   squintero@FRANKLINTOWNE.ORG

Thank you for all of your hard work in putting together all of this material.  It has been a blessing to me as we are focusing on distributive practice in my school, and you power points doo a great job of sprinkling old and  future topics throughout them.  My students love the pictures and animations that you have added to the content.  I was wondering if you have a copy of the cell structure and function crossword puzzle?  I have found all of the clues on your site, but I can't seem to find the actual crossword that the student fill in.  Do you have one?  Could you send it to me?  I would really appreciate it if you could.  Thanks again!    I have attached a Cell Membrane/Transport foldable that I use.  It is not as fancy as your stuff, but I'm sure you could spruce it up.

Sherri Quintero
Biology Teacher
Franklin Towne Charter High School

Thanks for the speedy reply!  I'm looking for the one to go with attached clues.  For cell structures and functions.

Thanks, that's the one!








Penelope Rankin []
Battlefield High School
Haymarket, VA 20169

Tami Reardon []
Columbus North
AP Biology/Biology/Zoology

Hi. This is my first year teaching zoology and your site has been a great help to me! We do not have a text for zoology and finding resources with enough "teeth" has been difficult. Your material on fish is not available. Would you mind sending it to me? Thanks 

Tami Reardon

I have been using your ppts for the classification and intro to animals unit and my kids love it! Thank you so much.
Is there any way for you to send me the test you give for this unit? I am very interested in how you approach the assessment of the material and your student success.
Thank you for your time and wonderful work!
Tami Reardon


Thank you for the response. I have a few questions if you don't mind.
What type of student takes your zoology course?
Are your tests open answers or multiple choice?
Can they use any course materials on their test?
Do you weight your course?
Do you go over your packets in class or just grade them and turn them back?
I do not have a text for my class so I supplement with packets of reading, labeling, concept mapping, etc. I have not spoken with another teacher about teaching a zoology class so I am interested in your methods to compare and learn.
Thank you for your time.
Tami Reardon

do you happen to have a ppt for mullusk notes? Your notes are so through and I use them as a guide in my zoo class. We do not have a textbook.
Tami Reardon

Cory Reese [
Community HS

Heidi Reese

Hello Ms. Riedell
I cannot thank you enough for your website!!!! My name is Heidi Reese and I am a first year teacher at a small school in Texas.  Along with being a first year teacher and having to put together lesson plans by myself, I am also coaching three sports. Needless to say, I am a little overwhelmed right now and have been trying to keep my head above water since before school started.  I came across your website a few weeks ago while doing some research and have been glued to it ever since.   I hope you do not mind, I made
sure the students know that I am using materials from your website.

I cannot follow your lesson plans completely because the state of Texas has a few different requirements than South Dakota but I have followed most of your lesson plans for Chapter 11. I will be giving a
test over chapter 11 on Wednesday and am crossing my fingers, hoping that the students will do better on it than they have been for my previous tests.

What I have been doing is taking your powerpoint presentations and basically copying the text over to word so I can modify the formating and print out the notes (with blanks) for the students to follow
along. Is this how you do your powerpoints?  Do you have an easier way of making notes for the students? Any helpful hints would be fantastic. Thanks again for putting together your website, it is amazing!! I feel
like I am cheating or something for using your material but I don't want the kids to suffer from my inexperience.

Very Sincerely!
Heidi Reese

Hi Kelly

I must have bypassed the password when I did the search and I have not come across anything that I am blocked from yet. I checked out the link to the teacher help too. You have done an amazing job on all of the resources!! I love all of the games!  I noticed that the bingo game for Chapter 12 has 6 templates.  My largest class is 27 students so I should make 27 templates right?  Also, the slide show for chapter 12 has more than 80!! slides. Do you make 14 pages of notes (double sided to 7)?
I teach at Community High School, which is located, literally, in the middle of a corn field. It is a consolidated school district for four small towns in an area just northwest of Dallas. I actually live in Allen Texas which is just north of Plano. Thanks again for your website, it is going to save my sanity this year!


Erin Regier
Deer Creek High School


I am a teacher in Oklahoma.  I wanted to tell you that your website is amazing.  I use it for ideas, labs and activities.  I use to use some of the power points that you made, because they were such high quality.  I always document you guys as the source!  Who monitors this website and keeps it updated?

This is the best website ever!



 Well I think you are amazing.  Thanks for all  you do!  You are truly an inspiration!


Good evening,
My name is Tanika Reiss and I am a Biology Teacher in Memphis, TN. I have raved over your science department website for the past few years and have utilized many of your resources. I was always careful to provide credit because I understand the time and effort that it takes to generate such a widespread of resources at one’s fingertips. Because of your website, I have had phenomenal evaluations and dynamic student success! I am saddened that I can no longer access the following website without a password. I am respectfully requesting your permission to be able to access this website again. My email address is or  (school email)  Any assistance will be appreciated. Currently, our school has been through some drastic changes and my science students would really benefit from this website in order to prepare them for their END OF COURSE EXAM as well as myself. I know that I would not have been able to come up with the number of resources that your department did.  Please let me know if you can assist me. I would sincerely appreciate it!! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Tanika Reiss, Biology Teacher
Memphis, TN









I teach PAP and AP Biology at Cooper High School in Abilene, Texas.Can you please give me the password for your website. I have heard nothing but rave reviews, so I am so anxious to see your stuff!! Thank you so much,

Julie Rix

Hi there,
I was just looking around the internet on google for hardy-weinberg stuff since it is my first year teaching AP bio (only 2nd year ever teaching) and I found your website and I just wanted to thank you so much for putting up all those links. I wish I had found it sooner, but I am so glad that I found it. :) you're awesome! Have a good day and thank you so much again!

Julie Rix
Biology Teacher
Cosby High School





I would like to speak with you about your  bio site. Please reply if you are still at this address.
eileen roach
WSHS Biology Dept

Hi, Kelly,

I teach bio in Winter Springs, FL and have tremendously benefited from all your hard work in your fantastic website; but when I tried to access your power points and jeopardy games, found out they were moved. Is there any way to have you share them again?
thanks, eileen roach


Wow!, Kelly,

You are tremendously generous. Thank you soooo much. I have used your review games and changed some of the items to make them more in line with what I have actually taught, and have also used them as a guide as to what is the "standard". I WILL definitely mention you each time I show them. Thanks a million for your help. If I can ever in anyway repay your kindness, let me know. Grateful in Winter Springs, Fl,
eileen roach





Kindra Robbins
Section High School
Section, Alabama

Mrs. Riedell,
My name is Kindra Robbins and I am a biology/zoology teacher at Section High School in Section, Alabama.
I have emailed you before about your wonderful website.  I have received funds to purchase a professional library for my classroom/subject area.  It can be biology or classroom strategy text.  Do you have any suggestions? 
Thank you,
Kindra Robbins



Pamela Roberts
Branson High School
Human Physiology
AP Biology
417-334-6511 Ext 5300

Thanks so much for the information. I have looked at her website. Wow. I have been working my kids way too hard on vocab. I wish I had read her website before I started this year. I hope that I have time to turn it around before the year ends. Next year will be so much better.
I appreciate all of the help and advice.

Rodgers, Diane

Hi Kelly
I am hoping you can help me as my son is struggling in Biology and he has been given this worksheet for extra credit.   To say it is over our head's is an understatement.
He is a freshman at New Tech Academy in Columbus IN.
I am attaching a copy of the cross word puzzle, as I was able to also find it on the internet at our site: BiologyJunction.
Is there a worksheet, or powerpoint that covers the material in this exercise so that he may have the data points to complete the puzzle?
Thanks and please advise,
-- Diane

Hi Kelly -- thanks so much for your note and offer to help.  Derek spent about 3 hours working on this yesterday...and actually got it completed.
So we are all set. Thanks again and have a GREAT week!


Susan Rogers

Good morning Kelly--
We love your work! Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us biology teachers. Here we are asking for advice. Noticing that you reference the Miller Levine prompts a question: does your school district have a computer site license for the text online, or is there some other arrangement? If you do have site license, how is it working for you?

We have a 10 year old book (Holt, Modern Biology) that we do not like and we are not wanting to purchase more, to perpetuate the "ancient" wisdom! Unfortunately, our district does not want to spend money on new textbooks. We are trying to come up with a creative way to handle the situation, short of copying many pages of the old book, which we have done for the past couple of years. Any advice you could give about how you managed this would be helpful.

It's about 45 degrees and the sky is partly cloudy today; there is still snow on the ground at elevation (above 1500'). All the aspens and poplars tree trunks are greening up, and the birches are a feathery reddish cloud.

Dear Susan,
Yes, we do use Miller and Levine (Blue dragonfly cover). The online link is provided free with the textbook order. Teachers get a log in password to set up a class and students listed in each class are given a password to access their book online. Holt Modern Biology (Green owl cover) was the book we had before we switched to Miller and Levine a few years ago. Sorry... that's probably not much help if you can't purchase new books.

Sounds like our weather. Currently 48 and cloudy.


Thanks for taking the time to respond!
Susan Rogers
Thanks for your prompt response. The next question is, do you have a physical textbook for each student, a class set of these, or just the online version that each student can access? The whole book idea is in flux here in Anchorage...

Janine Rulund
Mattituck HS
Mattituck, NY

March 23, 2010

Hello Kelly,

My name is Janine Ruland and I may be teaching AP Bio next year.  I am
trying to put together resources and have had difficulty locating old exams.
I noticed on your website to email you to request old mc in circulation.

I would appreciate greatly if you would email whatever you are able to.

Thank you very much.
Janine Ruland





Mary Beth Rouse
Woodford County High School
180 Frankfort Street
Versailles, Kentucky 40383

A girl I taught with found your website last year and was thrilled to get some great ideas from your activities.  I currently have a student teacher I thought might like to see some of your cute games, etc., but I discovered the webpage had moved. I found the new page, but noticed some of your stuff now requires a log-in ID.  Would you be willing to share that?

As I searched the page for your email, I found the link to your OBTA award.  Ironically, I received KY's award in Memphis the same year! (See attachment)

so much and I appreciate your willingness to share
Congrats to you too!

Mary Beth Rouse

Memphis_2008marybethrouse.jpg (439149 bytes)

Jennifer Ruege [


My name is Jen I am a high school biology teacher and found your amazing site. I have to admit I use so many of your activities and worksheets. I loudly praise your work to anyone who is looking for new ideas. I was wondering if there was a possibility that you would maybe re-link 2 particular worksheets. The chapter 7 questions and also for transport starts with. These worksheets have been so beneficial to my students.

I can’t express enough how great your work is. I am so appreciative for this site!!




Hi again. I check the links and the transport starts with works but the
chap 7 ?'s do not. It gives an error has occurred.



Hi Kelly,

I'm sorry, that one for the 7-3 does work it was the one for cell
structure and function questions. Really no worries. Thank you so much
for responding. Really appreciate it. Thanks



Janine Ruland
Mattituck HS
Mattituck, NY 11952

Hello Kelly,
My name is Janine Ruland and I may be teaching AP Bio next year.  I am trying to put together resources and have had difficulty locating old exams.  I noticed on your website to email you to request old mc in circulation. I would appreciate greatly if you would email whatever you are able to. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much Kelly. Does every new AP teacher have to submit an audit?  Does it have to be done before the start of classes in September?

Dear Kelly,

Thank you again!  I contacted Kim Foglia and am now allowed access to the vault!  Currently, I am on maternity leave and start back up in September.
In the meanwhile, there may be much shuffling around in my department.  The AP Bio teacher may retire- he hasn't decided.  If he doesn't retire this
year (there may be a state incentive), he will in a couple of years.  I have been promised by the principal that I will get the AP position and the
current teacher is pulling for me as well. I unfortunately won't have that much notice.  So while my 6 month old naps, I am reading up and trying to
prepare myself in bits. How do you write an audit when you don't know all the activities and labs you will do (other than the 12)?  I probably will
teach it differently than the current teacher.  He just submitted an audit last year.
Also, do you think you will have to change your curriculum a lot with the change in the AP curriculum in a couple of years? That would be awful.

Thanks again!

Thanks again for all your advice. Do you enjoy teaching AP?  I'm excited at the prospect. I know it will be a lot of work but I think I will like it.
I am studying up on cellular respiration. (I know I am a nerd.). Do you make your students responsible for the intermediate prodcuts?  I am using the Campbell text but I also have the Cliffs review. Is it sufficient for the kids to know the depth as done in Cliffs?
Thanks also for your congratulations. Actually, Willy is my 6 year old maltese. I have a baby girl- Rose Therese. People keep asking me when I am going to change my email address!

P.S.  If there is anything I can pass on to you, please don't hesitate to mention it.

Wayne Sackett [

West Salem High School
405 E. Hamlin St.
West Salem, WI 54669
(608) 786-1220 Ext. 2152

Dear Mrs. Riedell,

I am sending you this email with a huge thank-you!  Our school district, West Salem School District, which is in West Salem, Wisconsin has begun the process of developing a new, much more interactive website for each of our schools.  Our high school has not yet been inserviced on this web page building process but our elementary and middle schools have.   Last year I began to search the internet for schools that have interactive type web pages.  I have found your web site to be extremely interesting, and I'm sure extremely helpful to your students.  I have been teaching biology and Anatomy & Physiology going on 12 years, and I have discovered some new and interesting ways in which to do some things a little differently.  Your school district, parents, and students must be very proud of you and honored to have you as their teacher.  I thank you for sharing your web page with the world and rejuvenating me, as I travel down the road of web page building.  Not only have you had an influence on your students, but a great influence on me as a fellow teacher.  Your sphere of influence has increased! Again, kudos to you, your science department, school district and community.  You all have and will continue to impact myself and our little town of West Salem, Wisconsin population 1,539 with a high school enrollment of 540.  I would enjoy speaking with you sometime and asking you a few other questions, mainly about some philosophical aspects to education, as our school is debating a number of issues such as PLCs and the like.  I would be happy to call you on our dime as your schedule permits.

Once again thanks, for the inspiration!

Wayne Sackett

Diana Sands

Dear d_sands,
I am writing because it has come to my attention that you have posted answer keys to assignments taken from my website on the internet. 

My students tell me all they have to do is to type in a question in Google and your answer key pops up. 
I love that teachers are using my resources. All I ask is that if you are posting to another website that you acknowledge where you go it BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't post answers to someone else's work. 

I am asking you to please remove links to any answer keys you have online for this and any other assignments.  
Thanks for your understanding.
Sorry about this.  I have removed the answer key.

Hi Diana,
I am afraid that first answer key you deleted wasn't the only one you have posted.

I hope you understand why having these available is a problem for us if students can just Google the homework assignments WE CREATED for our students and get a completed answer key.  


As a teacher I know how much time it takes to create good curriculum and I have often "borrowed" from others on the internet. But if I use something from another teacher and post it on our website, I always post an acknowlegment of where it came from. It seems you have downloaded more than a few of our PowerPoints on your Wiki. If you are using these and posting them for students, we would appreciate it if you would please post an acknowledgment of where you got these.

Kelly and Michelle


I  completely understand.  Some of these keys I have posted in the past for students to check their work.  I didn't realize that after I have deleted them from my site, that the file still "lives" on the wiki.  I feel stupid and apologize tremendously for any issues that I may have caused.  Usually I post a key, then take down after the test.  I didn't realize that these files were not completely removed.  My wiki used to be private, but I made it public for easier assess for parents and students.  Again, I am terribly sorry and I will remedy this ASAP.
Best,  Diana Sands




Asham Sandu

I teach biology in GA and wanted to know the directions for playing the musical chairs reviews on your website.
Mrs. Sandhu
Meadowcreek High School

Hi Again
Thanks for the prompt reply.


Donna Salongo

Hi Kelly,

I came across your site while searching for material about fish morphology for my class. It’s a bit advanced for my third graders but just wanted to let you know that it’s a fantastic site. Great job! I can tell from your work that you are an excellent teacher.

Keep up the great work!!

Donna salongo


Robin Santos


Hello, I am a biology teacher at Palmer High school in Palmer, MA. and enjoy using your site. I do give your
site credit on all of the papers and ideas that I use. Why does your page now need a user name and password?

Thank You,
Robin Santos
Biology Teacher

Dawn Sasek


Hello Kelly,
Thank you for your wonderful website. So much information, THANK YOU. I have two questions.

1. Do you know if anyone is sponsoring Kim Foglia's website? I unfortunately never get to meet her before she passed. What an amazing site. I am wondering if one can still purchase access to her teacher's vault. Also, if anyone would like to help me sponsor her link just in case it is ever taken off the internet. New teachers to AP (like myself 5 years ago) find this site a God send!!

2. I am interested in obtaining the exam information from the College Board.

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Best Regards,
Dawn Sasek
Oak Forest High School



Barbara Sawyer
Brentwood HS
5304 Murray Lane
Brentwood, TN 37027

Sara Schipper
Clackamas High School
Clackamas OR


Hi Kelley, I am a bio teacher at Clackamas HS in Clackamas, OR.  I came across your site from searching the web and seeing materials credited to you.  I would love to look at what you have posted for your bio course.  Would you be willing to share a login and password?


Carolynn Schneider
Glassboro, NJ

I just came across your website while searching for information on taxonomy for my 8 y.o. grandson.  He is a profoundly gifted student who needs a different education than what is offered in the public and private schools in our area.  So, we are home schooling him.  Your site is absolutely THE best on the internet (and I've been looking at sites for over three yrs.).  I love all the graphics and animations.  The material is presented in a clear and understandable fashion.  Most science sites are either too babyish or too far advanced for my grandson.  And the best part is how a question is presented without the answer, giving the child a chance to answer, and then presto! the answer appears.  I am going to pass your site inforrmation on to the group of gifted parents in our area--I know they'll be as thrilled as I am about it.  I just wish you had sites on many more subjects--you are a genius at education on the internet!  Sincerely, Carolynn Schneider, Glassboro, NJ


Tammy Scholz

I just wanted to let you know that I am using your Starfish Dissection powerpoint for students who are absent for the dissection and for those students who are uncomfortable doing the dissection in class. I created questions that go along with your Power Point.
Thanks so much for sharing. Your students are very lucky to have such an innovative teacher and they did a great job in creating the Power Points.
Have a wonderful day,
Tammy Scholz
Hazel Park Junior High




Mandi Schooley

Bishop Kelley High School
Tulsa, OK 74135

Good afternoon Kelly,
I hope you are enjoying your summer and hopefully not burning up wherever you live, I can't say that for those of us here in Oklahoma! I stumbled across your website as I was doing some searching around for the new Zoology course I will be teaching this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through all of the awesome material you have provided for your students! I was going to look at some of your Biology material, as well, and realized it requires a username and password. Would you be willing to share access to this portion of your website? If not, no big deal, I just thought it might be as beneficial as the rest of the site. And don't worry, I will most certainly be giving credit for anything I borrow. Thanks so much for your consideration!

Barbara Schwankl bschwankl@Linfield.coml
Linfield Christian High School
951-676-8111 x3109

Thanks so much Kelly.  I have been so impressed by everyone on the list serve, and their willingness to share and encourage.  I really appreciate your help!


Bonnie Scott

Ms. Riedell,
I just wanted to tell you that I can tell how hard you have worked to make your site special for your students.  It speaks volumes about what a great teacher you must be.  I hope your students appreciate you!  I'm having a great time just looking through your site for my own selfish enjoyment!!
I teach in Abilene, Texas and I do not have a web page at all.  I admire how organized you are and tech savvy!! "I'm not worthy"
Bonnie Scott

Our son graduated from A&M three years ago!  If it makes you feel even better - he had a job in hand before he walked the stage!!  Go Aggies - they do take care of their own!

Bonnie Scott


My name is Bonnie Scott and I teach at Cooper High School in Abilene, Texas. I had emailed you for permission to use your site a few years back. I wanted to let you know I am still out here bowing to your wisdom daily. My cohort Pam retired at the end of last year and I miss her enthusiasm but I keep telling myself I still have Kelly!!!!

Continued Thanks!

Bonnie Scott




Dear Kelly,
I want to thank you sooooo much for your extremely useful website. I have to teach Bio for the first time after teaching physics for 18 years and your material is a gift from science heaven. There is a joke in my house hold about me having a date with Kelly every Sunday night when I listen to your informative webinars.

Thank you so much. It would be worth a trip to SD to get some help on how I set up something similar for my Intro to physics classes.

Deirdre Scott
Chicopee Hight School
Chicopee, Massachusetts



Michael Scott

I am a biology teacher in Abilene, Texas, and have heard great things about your website.  I would like to be able to access your site, with your permission, but I need a user name and password.  How do I go about obtaining those?  Thanks for your help.

Mike Scott

Thank you





Kym Showers

July 12, 2011
I  am a new AP Bio teacher and stumbled across your page while looking for help on the internet to begin planning out my year--i guess the apprehension has got the best of me. I would love any multiple choice or test bank questions that you can offer--actually, i will take anything that you can offer!

Kym Showers

Oct 13, 2011
You have been an enormous help trying to get me through my first year as an AP Biology teacher--I was wondering if I can have access to your personal vault?

Kym Showers





April Sills
Blackford HS

Ken Simon

Hi Ms. Riedell,
 I am currently a biology teacher in a urban school district that happened to find your website. I used some of the material and of coarse gave you credit. I think the material you use is wonderful for getting students interested and engaged in learning. I love using the power points, jeopardy and other activities. I recently found that the website is not letting me use your resources and would like to find out how i can access the materials again. I would always give credit for use and you would be helping a new teacher engage students and make biology fun.
Mr. Simon


Janet C Simmons

Hi Kelly,
I'm a new AP Biology teacher here at Washington High School in Sioux Falls.
I see your name on the list serve every once in awhile.
I'm wondering if you have a key for the Parade Through the Plants. I'd like to stay one step ahead of the kids in this unit, and it is my weak area.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
Janet C Simmons


Kathy Sipes,
science teacher
Lawton High School
Lawton, MI

Hi Kelly,
I found your website before winter vacation and book marked it to look at when I returned.  What little I saw looked very good.  I can't get in now and understand if you do not want anyone to use your materials.  If that is not the case perhaps you can help me get in to it again.  The message that comes up when I click on a chapter says something about the connection being interrupted for 4 possible reasons.
I appreciate your time.Thank you

Thank you, Kelly,
I am teaching biology again after 30 years of teaching earth science and environmental science and my how its changed!  Thank you!



Sue Skambis
Valencia Community College

Hi, Kelly, I want you to know what a wonderful resource you have provided for me and my community college students here in Florida over the past few semesters since I discovered your website.  My Fundamental of Biology class uses the same text you do for AP Biology (Biology, 7th edition by Campbell & Reese).  We often use your Jeopardy games for review and they work especially well to engage students that are not "hooked in" to the class. I have recently hit an access problem that I have not encountered before and wonder if there is a way for you to help me out.  In trying to access the Transport Jeopardy (and other modules in that unit) I get the message that the page can not be found.  In probing around, I get to a screen that requires a log-in and password for Brookings.  Is there anything you can do to help me get past that roadblock?  Thanks for your help and for all the work you have put into creating a WONDERFUL teaching resource.


Candice Smith

Dear Ms. Riedell,

I just want to thank you for your outstanding website. I have used some of your PowerPoints and review material in the biology classes I teach at Greenville High School in Greenville, Texas.

When I began teaching biology, I had an idea of how I wanted my PowerPoints to look, but I struggled with putting too much information on slides and the PowerPoints were too long. So as I was looking for examples of PowerPoints on the internet, I stumbled upon your web page and had an instantaneous Harry Wong moment.... Why recreate what you already created so well?

I truly appreciate your generosity in sharing your hard work and I highly recommend your material to new interns and science teachers in my area.


Candice Smith
Biology Teacher
Science Department Data Analyst
Greenville High School



Kelli Smith
PLD Biology
1600 Man O' War Blvd.
Lexington, KY 40513

Ms. Riedell,
I have been enjoying looking through your materials on your website. I printed off the cell parts flip book, but I wasn't sure how to put it together. I went back to your site, but it asked for a user name and
password. I wasn't sure if this was new, or if I had somehow managed to bypass that step the first time. I would love to be able to continue to access your site. Do you give login credentials to individuals outside
your school? Thanks for your time,

I am enjoying your site sooo much! It is an incredible resource! I was
wondering if you could tell me how you use the in class card reviews? I
am always looking to add to my bag of tricks for reviewing material. :-)
Thanks for your willingness to share your hard work!


Sarah A. Smith [
1073 Main St
Hingham, MA  02043

Kathy Sipes
Lawton HS
Lawton, MI

Hi Kelly,

I found your website before winter vacation and book marked it to look at when I returned.  What little I saw looked very good.  I can't get in now and understand if you do not want anyone to use your materials.  If that is not the case perhaps you can help me get in to it again.  The message that comes up when I click on a chapter says something about the connection being interrupted for 4 possible reasons.I appreciate your time.

1/13/10 Thank you, Kelly,
I am teaching biology again after 30 years of teaching earth science and environmental science and my how its changed!  Thank you!




Mina Sohn

I am student who goes to high school in New Jersey.
While I am studying biology, I found your website and it helped me a lot.
However, I found out that I cannot find the answers for the worksheet.
Can I get the answers for the worksheet?
If you don't have the answer, it's fine; but I wish you could send me an e mail that you don't have answer key.
Thank you and have a nice day.

oh... I understand, but can I have the answerkey for punnet squarein chapter 11? and do you have any kind of practice test for chapter 11?

I really want to ask you something because my bio teacher always doesn't even explain something and we have test in 3 -5 days.
I don't get what is Natural selection...
Can you please explain it in easy word because English is my second language and it 's really complicate stuff for me to understand.
Thank you and I wish you can help me cause I have test next week :(




Tammy Starcher

Waldron High School

Waldron, AK


I teach biology at Waldron High School in Waldron, Arkansas, and I was looking at your light experiment. It looks like an activity that my students would benefit from and enjoy, but I have a question. How did you make the gel lids for the boxes? Or where did you get them?
I'd appreciate any suggestions you have. My kids really struggle with photosynthesis and I'm looking for experiments such as this one to engage them and teach them.

Thank you,
Tammy Starcher








Rozeanne Steckler
Alsea School,
Alsea Oregon


Hi Kelly -
My name is Rozeanne Steckler and I am a first year science teacher at a small rural K-12 school in Oregon.  I am the only science teacher at the school and am responsible for both middle and high schools science.  I found your web site with all the wonderful activities, worksheets, and powerpoint presentations.  I am using the same textbook as your school.  I hope it is ok if I use some of your material with my students.  I don't have time during this first year when I am teaching so many different science courses to prepare all of this supplementary material myself.  I will give you and the other teachers credit for anything i use and I will not redistribute any of the materials.
Please let me know if this is fine.



Aaron Kelly Stephens [
Will C. Wood High School
Vacaville, CA

Hello Mrs. Riedell,
My name is Aaron Kelly Stephens, I am currently finishing my first year of teaching Biology, having found out a week before school started that I would be teaching Biology. I’m definitely ready for summer. Our campus uses the Prentice Hall textbook for biology, which for the most part I feel is a decent book. In my search for support material I came across your very impressive and comprehensive PH Biology website. I really like many of the handouts and worksheets you have developed for your classes. I was wondering if you mind at all if I used one or two of your handouts (specifically on Ch.12) and if you had teacher keys for any of your handouts. If so, are you willing share them with me? If not I completely understand. I would like to develop my own handouts, but have not been able to devote the time necessary this school year.

Thank you for developing such a great website, I’ve enjoyed browsing through it.


Aaron Kelly Stephens
Will C. Wood High School
Vacaville, CA



Scott Stevens
Speedway High School
Biology / AP Biology Teacher

Ms. Riedell,

My name is Scott Stevens.  I teach Biology and AP Biology in Indianapolis.  I came across your website and I am very impressed.  Your login page for that for only students?  I didn't know if you gave that information to other teachers to see some of the materials you use?  Can I borrow materials from your website?  Please feel free to use anything you wish from mine.

Take care, Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens
Speedway High School
Biology / AP Biology Teacher
Girls' Varsity Volleyball Coach
Class Website: Homepage.htm

Hi Kelly,
I spoke with you once through email about your biology class material.  You provided me with a username and password.  Is it possible to get a username and password for your AP Bio class?  I teach AP as well.
Thanks in advance!


Amy Stolipher

Ms. Riedell,
 I am a Biology teacher in WV and have found your site to be very useful.  I have used several of your review activities, always giving you credit, and the links to other websites.  The students really enjoy the activities and seem to remember the material better. I was trying to access your site today but I'm having difficulty.  I can get the webpage but cannot open any of the links.  I have tried on several different computers and have the same problem on each.  Any suggestions or is there a problem with your website.
Amy Stolipher

Stacey Summit

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your wonderful website, resources and hard work as a science instructor. This is my second year teaching-- 2nd year for zoology and 1st year for intro. biology--and your website has been an absolutely invaluable resource for myself and my students (who also love your site...and review games!)

Zoology has been especially helpful as my first year (and right out of college), I was hired to design this high school course. I am still incredibly impressed with the detail that you are able to cover in a semester, and your calendars have helped me pace my own course and the expectations I seek for my students. They find it taxing, yet on this side of manageable--and a lot of fun!

Thank you again,

Stacey D. Summitt
Mathematics & Science instructor
University High School
Carmel, IN 46268


Lynn Sussman

I love your work thanks for sharing
Lynn Sussman

Sue Sweeney
Owen County HS
Owenton, KY 40359





Edward Thomas


I am teaching AP bio this fall for the first time. Your website has been a big help to me in planning for this fall. You mentioned that you had access to an electronic copy of old AP exam questions. Could you please send me what you have ?

Ed Thomas
Science Teacher
East Wake School of the Arts Education and Global Studies


Thanks much!

Edward Thomas




Germaine Thomas
I am starting to use your site a lot for resources on teaching biology and I like to give you credit for what I use.  Should I email you specifically about what I might link to on you site or is it ok to link to you site and note that I have permission?

Thank you very much for what you have done!



Thompson, Kris


Just wanted to say thanks for the use of the frog part power point.

Kris Thompson






Kristian Torchia


Hello Ms. Riedell, I am a third year bio and anatomy teacher here at Cherry Hill West High School in New Jersey.  I saw your website and your powerpoint presentations.  I thought they were awesome.  I was hoping that I could incorporate some of your slides with mine.  I was hoping to get your permission to use your site.  I could also gladly email some of mine.
Kind regards,
Kristian Torchia
Biology Department
Assistant Boys Lacrosse Coach
Cherry Hill West High School



Laura Townsend



Trujillo, Lauren


Hi Kelly,

I hope your year is off to a good start. I am a teacher in Washington, DC and found your website and absolutely love it!

First of all I want to thank you for being so open with your course content. This is my first year teaching AP Biology and it is quite daunting, but your website has helped me so much so far.

Basically, when looking at your calendar it seems like you show a lot of videos. I was hoping you could provide me with two things:
A quick summary of your classroom setup (ie. class size, demographics of students and their math/reading ability, access to technology, period length, schedule, etc.) 2) Could you please walk me through a typical day in your class and what you do. I want to see if students watch videos as a whole, in stations, etc. How long do you a lot for each activity? Do you use the textbook, handouts, etc? Is your class flipped
This information will greatly help me move forward in make the best use possible out of your materials to help in my planning.

Again, I thank you so much for everything.


Lauren Trujillo



Hi Kelly,

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your unit 1 exam with me. I am having trouble finding many AP questions on this unit. Also, I am using a lot of your resources and figured it would match well.

I appreciate any help you can give me in advance.

Thanks again!

Lauren Trujillo

Thank you so much for the exam, Kelly, AND for the website! Never knew it existed!

Of course I will keep this exam private - I totally understand how difficult it is to make rigorous exams.

Things are moving along - definitely getting better :)

Thanks again!

 Amanda Tsoi

Hi All,
This is the fruit fly lab that I used this year (I pieced it together from other teachers' online fly lab, and used almost a whole page from one of Kim Foglia's labs, explaining statistical significance).
The site that it goes with is (so far) free - as long as students enter as guests.  Here is the link:
Please let me/us know if you have any edits, as it is a first draft and I will be updating it before using it this coming year.
I can't promise expertise, as I'm only in my third year with AP Bio, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to email!
Good luck with it!


Dear Kelly Riedell.
I am a Trinity Catholic High School teacher and have come across your website. I really am impressed by it! However, I could not log in to the Bio website - and some other chapter review pages were unaccessible. I wonder whether you have any requirements before an outsider can gain access to your material. My school website is
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Theresa Ufomaduh

Mark Vance [

I wanted to let you know that your website is AWESOME! I’m a teacher down in Georgia and what you’ve done is a really good thing that really helps us new teachers out.  I will give credit on my website and a link that leads to your webpage.  The only question is there any way that I can get my hands on the tests and quizzes that go with this material.  This would be  a really  big help!!!!

Mark Vance

Wow you are  a life saver.....Thanks so much for remembering me.  Also
do you have the worksheets answered electronically for ch's 10, 11, and




Kathy Van Hoeck
York HS
Elmhurst, IL

10/29/09 Hi Kelly:WOW-what a great page!  I found it by accident in a google search-I don’t know if you want it open for the whole world to see. But, it is a very helpful site which I will use a lot, I think.   Thanks for spending so much time on it.
Will you be at NABT? 

Considering everything I've gained from your website over the last two years, I'd love to reciprocate!
(Responded to my request for copies of ?'s for Your Inner Fish and Survival of the Sickest from AP Bio Listserve)

Thanks so much for sending the questions. I just noticed the Elmhurst in your address. Did I mention before that I am originally from Illinois (Rockford) and that my husband is from Chicago area. We are transplants to South Dakota.  It is a small world.

I also noticed that you went to NIU-I got my Master's degree there.  I was there from 1988-1992.  I studied with Marvin Starzyk in Aquatic Micro.  My daughter lives on the river in Love's Park right across from Cliffbreakers. Truly a small world.

REPLY:I was at NIU from 1975-1980 for a Bachelor's and Master's so I was there a little before your time. My advisor was Arnie Hampel. Don't know if he was still there when you were there.

He was!  What a nice man.  My advisor was Laslo Hanzely.

REPLY: I had Dr. Hanzely too for Electron Microscopy and he was on my thesis committee.  How weird is that!


Holly Visch
Lawton High School
Lawton, MI

I am a fan of your site and have "borrowed" a few of your ideas for use in my biology class (always giving you credit!).  I recently came across your osmosis/diffusion lab II and would like to try that also.  Would you mind answering a few questions about the lab?  If not, please reply.
Holly Visich

Vodehnal, Sonja A



How do your Honor students take notes from your PowerPoint? Do you give them copies of the PowerPoint with blanks?


Dan Volkening  dcjcv@att.net1/26/11

Hi- Saw your web-site and thought it was really good!
I'm a teacher at SchurzHS in Chicago and have to teach zoology during our 2nd
semester. I also teach AP Bio but this class is more on a general bio level.
Since we don't have a specific zoology book, I was going to just use the regular
bio book- Dynamics of Life 2002 version.
Any hints? What book do you use?

Thanks much-

Dan Volkening
Schurz HS

PS- My principle focus is of course on AP and I'm just trying to get through
this zoology course this year.

Thanks much!
If it's okay, I may be e-mailing you later for other ideas.
Thanks again-

Dan Volkening

Schurz HS-  addison/milwaukee about 3 miles west of Wrigley Field
80% hispanic, 20 % all others
the neighborhood is really good though. Unfortunately, their AP Bio scores were
I actually live in Lisel- next to naperville and my own kids go to Naperville
North. Did you attend Guilford?

Small world!!  LaGrange is a real nice 'burb




Molly Walchuk
Conway High School East

I had my computer worked on over the Christmas break and now find I have forgotten the necessary password for access to your site.  Is it possible to send that?  Thank you very much.



Clint Walters

Smithfield High School
Smithfield, VA


I began teaching AP Biology at the beginning of February.  I was able to purchase the released 2008 exam, but I wanted to provide my students with examples of questions they can expect to see without using the released test.  
Because I began teaching the class so late, and because I am using the previous teacher's syllabus, I do not have access to the practice exam posted for AP Audit authorized teachers.  
If you have a pdf copy of this that you could forward me, I would be really appreciative.
Thank you so much,
Clint Walters, M.S.Ed.
Science and Physical Education Dept. Head
AP Biology and Anatomy Teacher



I recently found out that I will complete the year teaching AP Biology due to some very unforeseen circumstances.  This of course means that I do not have the benefit of having attended an AP conference yet! 

I am aware of the 12 required labs to complete, of which the students have completed about five.  They have completed Chemistry, Ecology, Cells, Cell Metabolism, and I am trying to complete Genetics very soon.

Any help you might provide in planning out the rest of the semester is essential to the success of the course.  Any files you would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,

Clint Walters


I began teaching AP Biology at the beginning of February.  I was able to purchase the released 2008 exam, but I wanted to provide my students with examples of questions they can expect to see without using the released test.  

Because I began teaching the class so late, and because I am using the previous teacher's syllabus, I do not have access to the practice exam posted for AP Audit authorized teachers.  
If you have a pdf copy of this that you could forward me, I would be really appreciative.
Thank you so much,
.... asked if he had gotten one.

I have not received one.  If you have one, I would love a copy.  Thank you so much!!!
.sent him a copy of 2008 AP Bio practice exam

Thank you SO MUCH!!!
This is a huge help!
Good luck as we continue to count down

Thomas Wanamaker

Dear Mr. Wanamaker
I just wanted to let you know I used your Enzyme simulation activity that I found on Nancy Clark's site with my AP Bio students today. It worked great and they loved it. We did it a couple of times with different conditions. Different amounts of substrate, mutated nonfunctional enzyme, I even added a run with blank paper the same size as the squares  for a competitive inhibitor. Thanks so much for sharing this.

I'm glad to hear things went well.  Let me know if you're looki
ng for any other biology materials or activities.  I am happy to share.

Karen Ward [

My name is Karen Ward and I am a biology teacher in Ohio.  One day while looking for items for my class, I came across your web page.  It is awesome!!!  I'm sure that it took a lot of time to set up!  I have poked around on it and was wondering if I could use/modify some of your items for my class?  I will definitely give you and the other science teachers credit for it.  I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Please let me know if that is o.k. with you.

Thank you,


Thanks for letting me know about the change.  I have enjoyed looking at your page and using some of your items.  It has made teaching bio easier!  Unfortunately, my situation has changed.  The other chemistry teacher decided not to come back after Christmas.  The new teacher they hired does not have chemistry experience so I will be giving up my bio classes and picking up her chemistry classes.  Wish I could find a site as good as yours for chemistry!
I have added your site to my favorites and hope to use it in the future someday!
Thank you!
Karen Ward



Washam Jacqueline (Jaci)
Franklin Pierce High School
(253) 298-3887


Ty Weems


I am teaching Zoology for the first time at Ridgeland High School in Madison, Ms. I had someone give me your website and I am teaching out of the same book that you used. I love all the notes and powerpoints you have created. I was wondering do you have a test bank of questions that I might be able to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gretchen Wetzel
Caldwell County High School
Princeton, Kentucky

Good Afternoon!
My name is Gretchen Wetzel and I teach biology at Caldwell County High School in Princeton, Kentucky.  I have enjoyed using your biology website for the last few years and am so impressed with all of the time and effort you have put into it.  It truly is the best website I have found for biology.  I went to your website the other day and noticed that it is now password protected.  I was interested to know if you would grant me access to your site.  I have used some of your materials in class and brag on you to my kids every time I use it.  Truly, it is fabulous and I have missed being able to use it.  Thank you so much for your time!


Tambia Wesco


Good Morning, I am an educator in Cedar Hill ISD.  I was using your power points and resources as a point of reference for my lectures.  Unfortunately, I can not access them any longer via the old web address.  Can you please send me the new link?

Williford, Crista [

I stumbled upon your website and you have some wonderful resources!  Out of curiosity…do you happen to have teacher notes or can you give me an explanation of how you set up “How many bears can live in this woods?”  I am teaching ecology at the beginning of the year and the lab seemed interesting and engaging.  If you get a chance I would love to have it as a resource.  Thanks for your help!!

Crista Williford
North Oldham High School 


Sherri Willis

Kara Wolf
SM West High School

Hi.  My husband came across your website last night when he was looking for photosynthesis lessons.  He is a first year teacher and not getting much help from his colleagues.  He thought your website was very helpful so I wanted to say thanks - you've done a great job.
Also, does anyone at your school teach Enviornment/Earth Science?  He is also struggling with that class and any help would be great (if there is anything available online).
Again, your website helped him a lot and I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do that and help others!

Wolinski, Charles S.


Hello Mrs. Riedell,
Last year you sent me the password to your biology websites, I have miss placed it. It was a fantastic resource. Could you please send it to me again?
Thank you very much,
Charlie Wolinski
Sparrows Point H.S
Sparrows Point, MD

Hi Kelly,
thank you very much.
The year is starting off great.
have a great year


Mabel Wong


Hello Kelly,

I just want to thank you so much for putting together such a thorough website!
If it were not for you and other generous and knowledgeable AP Bio souls out there,
I don't really know how I could manage this transition (I am leaving 10
years of middle school Life Science to start teaching AP Bio and AP Environmental Science at a
Highly Gifted Magnet and am questioning my sanity in making such a move).

I found your homework schedule separated by chapters to be particularly useful--
as I am right now quite overwhelmed with everything from content to how to structure the class.
Will your 2009-2010 homework schedule with all the awesome links still be available somehow?

I wish you the best in all of your endeavors and thank you for being such a great source of
knowledge, experience, and generosity.

Mabel Wong

Hello Kelly,
Thank you for the links!

I do have another question:
Was wondering if you do vertebrate dissections?
I couldn't find such labs on your website--
Honestly, I would prefer not to do vertebrate dissections,
I had problems accepting them even when I was in HS.
I would prefer to take the kids to a human autopsy.
What is your take on the need for vertebrate dissections?

Thank you so much for your time!!!




Tiffany Woodbury

Hello Ms Riedell,
I just wanted to say thank you for your biology resources that were posted online.   It seems as though they are now unavailable.  They have been a great supplement  for my classroom instruction



Woullard, Rhonda []
Moss Point HS


Mrs. Riedell,
I happened upon your website when I was googling photosynthesis videos for my PowerPoint lecture.  I would just like to say WOW!  I am sure that you already know how valuable this resource is for your parents and students.  I am a second year teacher (first year teaching Bio I) and I am working nightly to pull together resources and create my notes/lectures on PowerPoint.  I know my students would be more engaged if my slides were more interactive (fill-ins) like your ppt lectures but time is a huge constraint.  Your website is my goal for organizing class information into one spot.
I have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind...
1.  Is access to the book (audio version), phschool, webcodes, etc purchased as a package for each student?
2.  Roughly how long did it take to amass the info on your current website? (My school uses Moodle and I am thinking of asking the other 4 biology teachers to help me get a similar site going for next year or after Christmas......right now we all use different notes, sites, etc.)
3.  Most of the review games are self-explanatory but I can not figure out exactly how you use/incorporate the card review game........Please explain how this activity works.

Thanks in advance for any further help you provide.  Your website has already given me many, many ideas and provided an excellent example of the information I should provide for my students.



Darla Wyatt
Southmoore High School
Moore, Okla.

I have an "Overview of the Plant Kingdom" that I designed last year.  I
liked the one designed by Kim Foglia that was primarily devoted to the
Animal kingdom, protists, and fungi that I did this one in the same
fashion.  I use the 7th edition of Campbell so the chapters match up to
that edition. I do not have a key filled out but it is easy to find the
material in the textbook.  If you want to have me send you the file as
an attachment, e-mail me off listserv and I will send it to you.
My e-mail is

Here it is, enjoy! 


Nina Wyman
Linden High School

Oct 27, 2011
I LOVE your website. Stumbled across it today, and was so excited. This is a one stop shop site. You have done an amazing job at taking all of the activities, labs, notes, and everything else that goes into teaching Biology and put it in one place. As Dept. Chair at a high school in California, I have sent this to all of my Biology and Life Science teachers. Hugs and kisses to you all. Just by chance do you do anything with Integrated Science? My teachers in this area could use some help.

Thank you again, and God Bless You.




Zainab Yahya [

Dear Kelly,

You have created brilliant resources. It seems my access has been denied. I'd like to know if these resources are available on CD/ for sale. I'll appreciate a speed response, I'd love to use the mitosis ppt in my lesson tomorrow.

Dear Kelly,
 I teach AS Biology in Hackney


Barbara Zemcik

Thank you so much for putting together this fantastic resource and sharing it!

I am using one of your PP’s in my biology class in NY!


Barbara Zemcik






Beth Zik

Kelly, I just wanted to thank you for your website. I am teaching biology after being layed off and then having some years off before finding a job again . Your website has helped to supplement my materials and is just fun. I would love to have my home page up and going next year. Just too much for this year. Thank you and your colleagues for all your help’

Beth Zik









PS  organize things, what to cover etc.

You don't have to do the exact labs in the book as long as you cover the concepts.
Ex: Do the whole plant version of the transpiration lab instead of the one in the lab book. It is way easier and less mess. The listserve has been talking about this alternative lately. Kim Foglia has a activity posted for doing online fruit fly crosses. This year my students did one actual live cross then used the online link to do more.

2. Discover some websites of really good AP teachers:
Kim Foglia- ExploreBiology site -
She is considered by ALL to be the guru of AP BIO; most if not all AP teachers are using some or all of her stuff. She has Powerpoints for all the chapters,   reading guides, activities, labs etc posted. If you email her she will give you a password to access her Teacher Vault which has answer keys to her activities, worksheets, etc PLUS copies of old multiple choice AP BIO exams. You can buy these for like $25/$30 from AP Central, but the AP ones come as hard copies in a book and hers are in electronic form.  I use ?'s from old AP exams as my chapter tests.

Cheryl Massengale- Biology Junction -
Tons of resources, etc.

Kristen Dotti - Catalyst Learning-
I saw her at a workshop at an NSTA meeting. She sells her curriculum for about $500, but her website has sample activities you can download for free.

Here are some links to others too

I don't claim to be a really good AP Bio teacher (yet) , but I have also put some links on my webpage to things that that helped me starting out.

3. Complete and submit an AUDIT to the AP Central people. This must be a description of what and how you are going to run your class. what labs you will include, how you will address the themes, how much time on different topics, etc If you go to Kim Foglia's site she has a curriculum calculator that you can plug in the number of days you have to work with and it will tell you how to divide up your time between topics Plus she has some audit examples. This has to be approved by AP Central BEFORE you can call a class AP Bio on a student's transcript.

Once your audit is approved it only needs to be recertified every year by your principal and you don't have to turn in an audit each time.
HOWEVER>>> There is a revamp of AP BIO curriculum in the works. They say . . . changing to more student centered rather than cookbook type labs and less focus on details/facts and more on general principles. Supposedly coming in 2011. There hasn't been much info about how this will work from AP Central. I am assuming if they change focus, everyone will have to submit new audits and get reapproved and get new training???? No one knows.

4. Join the Yahoo AP BIO group Archive- Teachers can upload activities, worksheets, labs etc here

5. Find examples of old AP EXAMS and have students "practice how they will play"

Like I said you can buy old multiple choice exams from AP Central or get them from Kim.
AP CENTRAL  also has old essays posted with grading rubrics and even some "good" and bad" student answer examples.

Once you get your audit approved, there is a place on the AP Central website where you can download a practice AP Exam with multiple choice ?'s and essay ?'s.

University of Georgia has essays even farther back

6. Figure out which textbook/resources you will use.
You have to buy the lab books from AP CENTRAL.

Most people use Campbell and Reece for a text or the Raven book
I have Campbell because that is what people suggested to me. The consensus on the listserve is that the Raven book is a little easier read for students, but maybe needs to be supplemented more. It is up to you.

If you have $ for extra resources:
Fred and Teresa HoltzclawTest Prep book from Pearson

Cliffs makes an AP Biology study book AND a book with 5 Biology Practice exams

McGraw Hill-5 steps to a 5

There are a ton of other exam prep books too but these are ones I like.

7. Don't freak out over how much there is to cover!
Campbell has 55 chapters and we have 36 weeks of school. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COVER EVERYTHING.
Everyone will tell you that, but I know I need to keep reminding myself of this. It is pretty overwhelming.

If you have other ?'s I would be glad to help if I can.
Good luck. Teaching AP Bio is the toughest job you'll ever love.

Kelly Riedell
Brookings High School
Brookings, SD


Fall 2010
Jodi Hall

Spring 2011
Kayla Talsma
Michael Bredeson